Tanya Lieder EveryonelovesbarbieTanya Lieder Everyonelovesbarbie

Tanya Lieder is also known as Tanya Barbie Lieder is a popular Instagram model who is widely famous for her curvaceous figure.

Everyonelovesbarbie Instagram model from United States lives in Texas. On Instagram, she began to moderate herself in 2017.

Tanya Lieder Bio

Everyonelovesbarbie aka Tanya Lieder is an American Instagram model with over 1.5 million followers. She was born in the United States on December 19, 1980.

She has started modeling in 2017 and started to post her pictures and videos on Instagram. She is now mother to one baby. She is married to Mackem Drummer.

Tanya Lieder Age

She is 40 years old as per 2020

Tanya Lieder (Everyonelovesbarbie) Body Measurements

Tanya Lieder Bust Size: 36
Tanya Lieder Waist Size: 30
Tanya Lieder Butt Size: 34

Tanya Lieder Bra Size 36DD

Tanya Lieder Instagram

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Green eyes 😜

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Tanya Lieder official Instagram Id @Everyonelovesbarbie

Tanya Lieder Onlyfans.com

She has also profile on Onlyfans.com through which she earns a lot of money by giving the paid services to her fans by posting bold and bare pictures and photos.

Tanya Lieder Everyonelovesbarbie
Tanya Lieder Everyonelovesbarbie


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