Smart Light Pro v2.5.6 APK Free Download

Free Download Smart Light Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is the 5th set of the Smart Tools collection.

This is the 5th set of the Smart Tools collection. It turns your device into a Magnifying Glass using camera zoom, auto-focus, and LED flash. You can use your front camera as a mirror. This app has three basic modes without complicated features.

  • LED light: if your phone has LED, you can turn it on like a torch
  • Screen light: you can turn your screen into a brilliant light source
  • LED widget: you can create a flashlight widget on the home screen

When you want to magnify small things, and words, [Smart Magnifier] can be the solution

  • LED light
  • Screenshot
  • Screen freezing
  • Camera zoom & Digital zoom (5x)
  • Rotating camera view
  • Auto-focusing (to activate, tap anywhere on the screen)

When you want to see your face for makeup or shaving,[Smart Mirror] can be the solution

  • Screenshot
  • Screen freezing
  • Digital zoom (5x)
  • Expose (bright/dark) control
  • Effect control
  • Border light
  • Rotating camera view

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