Replaio Live: Internet Radio & Radio FM Online 2.7.5


Free Download Replaio Live: Internet Radio & Radio FM Online 2 Pro/Premium MOD Version Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets, It is used to broadcast your favorite Radio FM via internet.

Overview of Replaio Live 2 Premium APK for Android

Here, you can find your favorite internet radio stations and free Radio FM stations which broadcast via the internet, but also internet radio playing music online only.

We encourage you to browse the station catalog and listen to the internet radio online. Tune in and listen to the free radio stations now. Your favorite music, radio DJs and journalists will always accompany you.

Wherever you are, you can listen to sports events, current news and your favorite radio programs. You’ll be surprised how much good free music you can listen to owing to the radio stations available on this Radio.

Features of the App

  • Radio alarm clock
  • Sleep timer
  • Equalizer with profiles
  • Favorite radio programs reminders
  • Select from 30,000 best stations and enjoy real radio
  • User-friendly interface, quick response and stable operation
  • Select your favorite radio stations and quickly launch them with just one click
  • A user account featuring the synchronization of favorite radio stations
  • A radio station search engine using the titles of favorite songs
  • Google Chromecast support
  • Android Auto support (listen to the radio in your compatible car)
  • The option to add your own radio streams (custom URL)
  • A list of favorite songs
  • A list of radio stations recently listened to
  • A list of songs recently listened to (including date and names of the radio stations which played them)
  • Adding songs which you hear on the radio to your Spotify playlist
  • An option to scrobble to
  • Application color selection and 4-level dark mode
  • Automatic player slide in feature (default, always, never)
  • Headphones button support (stop or pause)
  • Auto playing the most recently listened to radio station at application launch and Bluetooth
  • Covers on the lock screen (switch on or off)


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