Music Theory Companion with Piano & Guitar v2.6.0


Free Download Music Theory Companion with Piano & Guitar VIP MOD Version Unlocked Ad Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets, this is the best Music Theory app for the musicians.

Overview of Music Theory Companion VIP APK for Android

This app is very important while composing any song. This app is for all the musicians who are interested in studying scales, chords, alternative chords, circle of fifths, voice leading, modulations or key change etc. and apply them in their compositions.

It is a quick reference for scales and chords useful for the musicians and composers for finding out new innovative chord progressions while songwriting. This is also a guitar chords app which is very useful for learning guitar chords.

Features of the App

  • Scales & Chords: 86 unique heptatonic scales/modes and their diatonic triads/seventh-chords formation
  • Matching Chords: Shows alternate chords that can be played for any note of any scale
  • Matching Scales: Shows all possible alternative scales those can be played with any scale
  • Circle of Fifths (or Circle of Fourths): For all the scales
  • Cube Dance: Guide to voice leading based on the Neo-Riemannian theory
  • Intervals: Ear training of intervals for all keys
  • Chord Library: Chord library with 1000+ chords and also shows chord construction
  • Modulations: Different chord progression options to smooth key change
  • Scale Practice: Pitch detector to practice all the scales with guitar, piano or vocal
  • Metronome: With perfect timing and different configurable sounds
  • Piano: A very realistic piano keyboard with different instrument sounds
  • Symbols: Quick online handy reference for musical symbols
  • Reference: Huge collection of online music theory reference
  • Left-handed & right-handed realistic guitar fretboard
  • Supports both sharp (#) and flat (b) notes for root
  • Supports Clockwise and anticlockwise directions for circle of fifths
  • Option to show both triads and 7th chords in circle of fifths
  • Play guitar chords or piano chords in sync with the metronome ticks


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