Math & Science Tutor – Algebra, Calculus, Physics v2.0.1


Free Download Math & Science Tutor – Algebra, Calculus, Physics Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets, with this app learn any subject fast by solving problems step-by-step.

Overview of Math & Science Tutor Pro APK for Android

1500+ Math Tutor Video Lessons in Basic Math, Algebra, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Statistics. 500+ hours of step-by-step instruction.

Learn fast and get help in any subject by solving example problems step-by-step. Every lesson teaches the student how to solve problems, gain practice, and perform the calculations to score higher on exams and quizzes. All classes are taught assuming that the student has no knowledge of the subject.

Whether learning basic math, algebra, calculus, or advanced courses such as electrical engineering or mechanical engineering, this method is the fastest way to truly master the material.

Included Courses

  • Basic Math (Arithmetic): Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Ratio, Proportion, Percents, Word Problems
  • Algebra 1 and Algebra 2: Real Numbers, Integers, Rational Numbers, Algebraic Fractions, Simplifying Expressions, Solving Equations, Multi Step Equations, Graphing, Quadratic Functions
  • Geometry: Lines, Rays, Planes, Quadrilaterals, Surface Area, Volume, Prisms, Parallel Lines, Geometric Theorems, Proofs, Circles, Circumference
  • College Algebra: Rational Functions, Shifting Functions, Sequences, Series, Matrix Algebra, Summation
  • Trigonometry & PreCalculus: Imaginary Numbers, Complex Numbers, Unit Circle, Sin, Cos, Tan, Trig Identities, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions, Trigonometric Equations.
  • Calculus 1: Limits, Derivatives, Integrals, Techniques of Integration, Substitution, Improper Integrals, Curve Sketching
  • Calculus 2: Integration by Parts, Integration by Trig Substitution, Sequences, Series, Convergence, Implicit Differentiation
  • Calculus 3: Partial Derivatives, Line Integrals, Surface Integrals, Directional Derivatives, Green’s Theorem, Stokes Theorem
  • Differential Equations: Solving Differential Equations, Graphing Solutions, Systems of Equations
  • Calculator Tutorials: Texas Instruments TI-84, TI-89 Graphing Calculator Tutorial
  • Physics 1: Motion, Projectile Motion, Torque, Momentum, Work, Energy, Friction, Fluids, Pressure
  • Physics 2: Temperature, Heat, Thermodynamics, Waves, Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Physics 3: Electricity, Magnetism, Maxwell’s Equations, Electric Field, Magnetic Field
  • Chemistry: Atoms, Compounds, Chemical Reactions, Stoichiometry, Gas Laws, Redox Reactions
  • Probability & Statistics: Sampling Statistics, Central Limit Theorem, Hypothesis Testing, Linear Regression, Correlation, ANOVA
  • Electrical Engineering: Circuit Analysis, Node Voltage, Mesh Current, Dependent Sources, Thevenin Circuits, Phasors, 3 Phase Circuits
  • Mechanical Engineering: Statics, Vector Mechanics, Equilibrium, Forces
  • Engineering Math: Linear Algebra, Laplace Transform, Matrices
  • Java Programming: Objects, Classes, For Loops, While Loops, Variables, Methods

Features of the App

  • Mark favorite lessons for later viewing
  • Recently watched videos list
  • Search all lessons for any topic
  • View featured courses
  • View recently released courses
  • Worksheets for selected courses
  • Share lessons via email & social media


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