Louisa Khovanski Bust SizeLOUISA KHOVANSKI

Louisa Khovanski is not married yet but she is making the plan to get married by the end of 2021 and according to the rumors she is having an affair with her current boyfriend (the name is unknown) since 2018 and many times spotted with him.

Louisa Khovanski is a famous Instagram Celebrity and Model who has 873k followers with 158 Posts. She also likes photography and traveling around the country.

Louisa Khovanski is obsessed with her beautiful body measurements that makes her gorgeous and hottest model on Instagram. Earlier Louisa was very worried due to the increase in her Bust size and was not accepting her body at all. But later on, she entered into modeling and got good comments due to her bust size and body measurements from the industry. Then Louisa decided, she will gonna make her space in the Modelling industry soon and created her social media account on every available platform due to which she got famous in no time.

Louisa Khovanski has a gorgeous figure that can’t be doubted. She has a big bust, lean waist, and perfect butt size.

Louisa Khovanski Body Measurements

Louisa Khovanski Bust Size: 36B

Louisa Khovanski Waist Size: 30

Louisa Khovanski Butt Size: 34

Louisa Khovanski Official Instagram Account

Louisa Khovanski has more 873k+ followers on her Instagram handle through which she earns a lot of money and Instagram & Onlyfans.com are the main sources of her earning that we had talked about in how she earns from Instagram.

Louisa Khovanski workout on a daily basis to maintain her bust size and body measurements. She does power yoga to maintain her bust and butt size. She also told us in an interview that having good sex is the key to have a perfect figure and there are a lot of benefits of having good and healthy sex for maintaining the perfect figure.

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