JPEGmini Pro Free Download Incl. Extension v3.1.0.8


JPEGmini Pro Free Download Incl. Extension

JPEGmini Pro Incl. Extension for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is The Photo Optimization Tool. Trusted by Thousands of Image Perfectionists. Get the smallest file size without compromising quality or changing your workflow. Make sure you are using the best quality possible for your photos without constantly worrying about file size or speed. Great for print, mobile and web.

JPEGmini Pro – Reduce file size, not quality
Make sure you are using the best quality possible for your photos without constantly worrying about file size or speed. Great for print, mobile and web.

Fits into your workflow
When you export your photos directly from Lightroom and Photoshop, they will automatically be optimized by JPEGmini to the lowest file size possible without ever sacrificing quality.

Reduce Expenses
Cut your image storage (i.e. flash drives, hard drives, and Client Galleries) costs when optimizing your images with JPEGmini.

Print It!
JPEGmini does not alter the perceptual quality of your photos, you can print them at the same size you normally would, and the prints will look exactly the same.

Rank higher on Google
It’s all about image SEO. Your website will load faster with small image file sizes. The faster the site, the easier to visit and index a page is.

Features of JPEGmini Pro 2021

128 Megapixels
Support high-resolution photos from the world’s leading camera brands.

Cross Platform
Available on both Mac and PC’s.

HEIC to JPEGmini
Convert iPhone HEIC photos to optimized JPEG files.

Simple to Use
Drag, drop, done. It’s that easy.

Custom Resize Presets
Multiple resizing presets and modes to allow for robust delivery workflow.

Multiple Export & Resize
Select different output sizes for the same folder of photos in the same session.

System Requirements:
– Windows 8 and higher (64-bit).
– The JPEGmini Adobe Lightroom Plug-in requires Lightroom 5 and above.
– The JPEGmini Adobe Photoshop Extension is compatible with Photoshop CC (2015.1) and above.

You can also download Sandboxie for Windows 10

Title: JPEGmini Pro v3.1.0.8 Incl. Extension for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
Developer: Home Page
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows
JPEGmini Pro 3 is Here!
JPEGmini Pro is finally out with our 3rd new upgrade. After research and listening to feedback from users, the JPEGmini team worked hard to enhance features for a better experience.

Brand New Design
You heard right, the can icon is out of commission. JPEGmini designers have a fresh new icon that matches our minimalistic style. The JPEGmini team focused on updating our brand image to match our current customer culture and language.

Resizing Presets
We have reworked our batch resize mechanism: You can now save your own presets!

HEIC to JPEGmini Support
Back in 2017, Apple enabled HEIC support on iPhones. The JPEGmini team decided to launch, a free website that enables free online HEIC to JPEG (JPEGmini optimized) conversion.

Download JPEGmini Pro for PC

JPEGmini Pro | 64 bit | File Size: 40 MB
Dailyuploads | UsersDrive | Direct-link


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