Gillmeister Batch Text Replacer 2.14.0 Free Download


Gillmeister Batch Text Replacer

Gillmeister Batch Text Replacer (formerly TextMage), you have a powerful tool at hand to edit multiple text files simultaneously. The program contains a variety of powerful features to adjust the contents of text files as needed. For example, whole sections within a text can be replaced, inserted or removed. Furthermore, you can add or remove line breaks, change the encoding of text files using the integrated text converter and much more. All functions can be combined and saved as a template for reuse.

The built-in backup function allows you to reverse the changes if necessary. By using the integrated file search of the program, files can be searched for certain keywords in advance, allowing you to narrow down the text files to be edited in a preselection (additionally to the separately usable filter).

Gillmeister Batch Text Replacer Full

Features of Gillmeister Batch Text Replacer Free Download

  • clearly presented search and replace text in multiple files at once
  • also batch process very large text files (up to a size of 40 MB and two million lines)
  • save the settings made as profile for reuse
  • edit specific sections of text files (for example, replace, move or swap sections within a text)
  • perform line operations – edit lines in a text or within text files e.g., number, indent, replace, insert, swap, move or remove lines
  • group functions and apply filter or higher-order functions to them
  • search many files for occurrences of a particular term and further process or export the result list, or copy it to the clipboard
  • search and replace multiple text phrases at once using CSV files
  • change the encoding of text files (e.g., convert UTF-8 to ANSI)
  • perform text edits using regular expressions and variables
  • use the integrated batch mode to perform text operations via a script file
  • preview the impact of each action
  • undo changes made using the integrated zip backup
  • apply extensive filters to limit the files to be processed (e.g., based on file size or encoding)
Title: Gillmeister Batch Text Replacer 2.14.0
Developer: Home Page
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows

Download Gillmeister Batch Text Replacer for PC

Gillmeister Batch Text Replacer 2.14.0 | File Size: 6 MB
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