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DoNotSpy11 for Windows 11

DoNotSpy11 is an updated anti-spy tool for Windows 10 and 11 by the author of DoNotSpy10. DoNotSpy11 provides tweaks not easily accessible through the apps Windows provides and combines them all in one application so you can efficiently protect your privacy.

You are given the ability to manage your privacy while using Windows 10, Windows 11, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Office. Microsoft utilizes many new “diagnostic” features to collect usage data to provide a better user experience. But, collecting this data can be a privacy risk, as we have seen from various news stories about this data being captured and used for criminal purposes. DoNotSpy11 gives you the ability to manage what gets shared.

DoNotSpy11 provides tweaks not easily accessible through the apps Windows provides and combines them all in one application so you can efficiently protect your privacy. Manage settings including Advertising, Apps, Windows Defender, Microsoft Edge, Office, Privacy, Search, Start, Updates, etc.

You can also download DoNotSpy10 for Win10

Features of DoNotSpy11 Free Download

DoNotSpy10 offers several features for your convenience

  • Automatic update check
  • Language detection based on your OS language
  • Ability to switch languages on the fly
  • Quickly undo all settings
  • Utilization of Windows System Restore

Current Features
Advertising: Disable Advertising in Windows Explorer
Advertising: Disable and Reset Advertising ID
Advertising: Disable App Suggestions in Windows Ink Workspace
Advertising: Disable Bluetooth Advertising
Advertising: Disable Start Menu App Suggestions

Apps: Disable Access to Account Info
Apps: Disable Access to Calendar
Apps: Disable Access to Call History
Apps: Disable Access to Camera
Apps: Disable Access to Contacts
Apps: Disable Access to Diagnostic Data
Apps: Disable Access to Email
Apps: Disable Access to Language List
Apps: Disable Access to Location Info
Apps: Disable Access to Messaging
Apps: Disable Access to Microphone
Apps: Disable Access to Notifications
Apps: Disable Access to Radios
Apps: Disable Access to Tasks
Apps: Disable App Notifications
Apps: Disable Application Telemetry
Apps: Disable Background Applications
Apps: Disable Push To Install (Fall Creators Update) *new*
Apps: Disable Silent Installed Apps
Apps: Disable Sync With Devices

Defender: Disable Windows Defender Cloud Protection
Defender: Disable Windows Defender Sample Submission
Defender: Disable Windows Defender
Defender: Enable Network Protection (Exploit Guard) (Fall Creators Update) *new*

Edge: Disable Adobe Flash Player
Edge: Disable Page Prediction
Edge: Disable Search Suggestions
Edge: Enable Do Not Track

Privacy: Disable Message Service Cloud Sync (Fall Creators Update) *new*
Privacy: Disable Auto Map Download
Privacy: Disable Biometrics
Privacy: Disable Enabling Lock Screen Camera
Privacy: Disable Experimentation
Privacy: Disable Facts, Tips, Ticks and More on your Lock Screen
Privacy: Disable Handwriting Data Sharing
Privacy: Disable Handwriting Error Reporting
Privacy: Disable Inventory Collector
Privacy: Disable KMS Client Online Validation
Privacy: Disable Location *updated*
Privacy: Disable Network Traffic Pre User SignIn *new*
Privacy: Disable OneDrive
Privacy: Disable Password Reveal Button
Privacy: Disable Retrieving Device Metadata
Privacy: Disable Sending Writing Info
Privacy: Disable Sensors
Privacy: Disable Setting Sync
Privacy: Disable SmartScreen-Filter for URLs
Privacy: Disable Steps Recorder
Privacy: Disable Tailored Experience using Diagnostic Data
Privacy: Disable Telemetry
Privacy: Disable Tips about Windows
Privacy: Disable WiFi Sense
Privacy: Disable Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program
Privacy: Disable Windows Feedback Requestes
Privacy: Disable Windows Media DRM Internet Access
Privacy: Disable Windows welcome experience
Privacy: Show Detailed Data Usage

Search: Disable and Reset Cortana
Search: Disable Cloud Search (Fall Creators Update) *new*
Search: Disable Getting to know me *updated*
Search: Disable Web Search
Start: Do Not Show Recently Opened Applications
Start: Do Not Show Recently Opened Files

Updates: Defer Windows Upgrades
Updates: Disable Automatic Driver Update
Updates: Disable Automatic Speech Model Updates (Fall Creators Update) *new*
Updates: Disable Automatic Windows Store Updates
Updates: Disable Automatic Windows Updates
Updates: Disable Malicious Software Removal Tool via Windows Update
Updates: Disable Windows Update for Other Products
Updates: Disable Windows Update Sharing

Title: DoNotSpy11
Developer: Home Page
License: Freeware
Language: English
OS: Windows

Download DoNotSpy11 for Windows 11

DoNotSpy11 | File Size: 2 MB
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