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DOB/Zodiac Age Height Net Worth
30 years 5’7 ft $2m

American artist Damndrose is a YouTube celebrity, a fashion model, and a social media personality. She uses Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok to build her brand by sharing her lifestyle photos and wacky videos. On August 4, 1992, Rose was born in the United States but later moved to Hillcrest, a neighborhood of Norfolk, Virginia, early. Having made a name for herself online with a massive number of followers on social media sites, she has used this fame to become a famous blogger and work part-time as a professional model. Her Instagram account currently has over 93K+ followers and several thousand subscribers on YouTube, where she shares her modeling photos and vlogs, and commentary. Using her beauty routines to promote herself on Instagram, there are even snippets from her personal life posted regularly on Twitter which only adds to her popularity with fans.

Damndrose Biography:

Name: DamnDRose
Date of Birth: August 4, 1992
Place of Birth: America
Nationality: American
Age (2022): 30
Horoscope/Zodiac Sign: Leo
Profession: Tiktoker, YouTuber, social media influencer, Instagram star
Height: 5’7
Weight: 51 kg
Body Measurements: 31-26-32 inches
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Favorite Actress: Jennifer Aniston
Favorite actor: Tom Hardy
Destination: India
Favorite Color: Red
Sportsperson: Michale Jorden
Favorite Sports: Basketball
Net Worth: 2 Million USD

Damndrose Wiki:

American artist, YouTuber, and influencer DamnD Rose is famous for sharing her lifestyle on social media. DamnD was born in the USA. Rose went to the University in his locality after attending a private school. Rose started her career on social media after completing her education, sharing many facial expressions that are beautiful, attractive, stunning, beautiful, and elegant for her fans. Nowadays, this girl can be seen in the camera shots capturing the world’s most beautiful areas from various corners by documenting more than 8 million followers on Instagram. Apart from this, girls can be seen in live videos and self-made videos, which influence millions of lives every day by posting these videos all over the internet.

Despite being one of the most beautiful women in America and having the option to live out her life in comfort, Rose chose to pursue a more challenging path of challenges. As an influential fashionista and director, DRose takes “lifestyle” and social media marketing to a new level. She regularly shares videos on Youtube that show humorous and heartfelt moments in her everyday life. Her videos are watched by thousands of eager followers across the globe who appreciate how she takes her platform and uses it effectively to spread positivity through her “princess smile.”

Damndrose Age, Height, and Body measurements:

Rose’s physical statistics are 5 feet and 7 inches, weight 51 kgblack hair and eyes, zodiac sign Leo, maintaining her body figure by following a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Her body shape forms an hourglass that measures 31-26-32 inches.


Damndrose Career:

DRose is a famous Instagram Star who has been savoring the spotlight for almost eight years. The social media maven hit the scene when she was only a teenager. She was born in the United States. DRose gained a large following on social media when she became somewhat of a “sensation.

Rose has made a name for herself in the realm of social media. She took to Instagram and TikTok as early as her schooling days to pursue her initial employment. Driven by her passion and willingness to build an online audience of loyal fans, she quickly progressed through the ranks, becoming a social media celebrity with quite a significant fan following on both these platforms.

Damndrose Family:

Focusing on the details of Rose’s family members, Damn DRose has shared a few insights about her family. Unfortunately, there will not be too much time to update their shareholders about their family status; Huh!

Damndrose Boyfriend & Relationship:

According to the research done over the internet, Tiktok DRose is in a relationship. Tiktok Star DamnD has two children, a daughter, and a son. DRose does not disclose who her partner’s name is. We’ll let you know what’s happening.


Damndrose Instagram account:

She’s got a million followers on her social media platforms. “DRose” is a popular video channel that achieved a lot of success. Her social media journey began with the help of a popular platform called TikTok. Rose has always enjoyed dancing and hasn’t stopped.

Model and Instagram star, DamnD has joined forces with a distinguished modeling agency called The Modeling Agency to continue her wide-ranging career. This hot commodity will be collaborating with brands such as Fashion Nova, Calvin Klein, and many others.

Damndrose Tiktok:

Rose is no stranger to social media. She’s amassed an enormous following on her number one platform TikTok and can now negotiate that success into Youtube and Instagram with the help of an old friend. You may know this dancer as DRose, but back in the day, she adopted a rising social media app called TikTok to help launch her career, which has proved to be music to her ears (or eyes!) She’s been dancing since childhood, so you may find it no surprise that these skills have helped DRose become an internet sensation!

With hundreds of thousands of followers on the Damnd YouTube channel, this social media celeb has been working in the industry for more than a few years. Now she’s a well-known dancer, producer, and influencer, who used to be an actress and model. Engaging with fans through Instagram stories, DRose is used to interacting with her audience in real-time.

DamnDRose YouTube:

American fashion influencer Drose is a model, Tiktoker, and social media personality. She garnered international fame by starting to post pictures of her unique lifestyle, daily life, fun, music videos, comedy sketches, and inspirational content via her self-titled Youtube channel on August 8, 2012. Notable YouTube videos include Her Cooking Sucks and White Moms vs. Black Moms Pt 4 and Interrupted while Moms and Black Moms vs. Interrupted while moms, which she posted on August 9, 2013.

Damndrose Net Worth:

The estimated net worth of @DamnRoses is more than USD 2 million at the time of this writing. Most of this comes from her income as a model, commercial actor, spokesperson, brand promoter, actress, and TikTok star.


Interesting facts about Damn Drose:

  • “DAMND ROSE” is one of the most popular Instagram stars today. 
  • DRose’s zodiac sign is Leo.
  • She has over 93000+ followers on the platform, and she’s a fashion model as well. So it’s no surprise that DamnRoses has amassed her colossal following!
  • Damn began using different social media platforms to support herself.
  • Long before the creation of TikTok, Rose was an avid dancer who had been creating moving content since she was still relatively young. Now she’s a famous TikTok star, blogger, and YouTuber.
  • DRose is a famous American social media personality, vlogger, model, and fashion influencer, best known for posting makeup and lifestyle-related videos on her self-titled Youtube channel.
  • DamnRose, a prominent Instagram star with thousands of followers, looks impressive and beautiful. 
  • She posts a lot of her travel pics, and this person also enjoys food, dancing, and many other things. 
  • Damnd is married with one daughter, and her marriage date was in June.

Social Media Platforms/Profiles/Username:

Instagram: damndrose
Twitter: @damndrosetweets
Facebook: damndrose
Tiktok: @damndrosetiktok
Youtube: Channel
Twitch: N/A
Reddit: N/A
Pinterest: N/A
Website: N/A
Email: N/A
Contact: N/A

Faqs about DamnD Rose:

Who is Damndrose?

“Damn Drose” is a hip new-age artist and one of the biggest stars in the art world today. In her early life, she was just like any other regular kid getting started in high school and living life to the fullest, doing many things until she began posting selfies on Instagram; soon after that, it became viral within hours. Nobody had ever seen anything like this before now, and everyone wanted to be like Drose; they also wanted to live life to the most total no matter their age. She inspires many young teenage girls around America who look up to Damn Drose as their role model and idol with much love! Damn is arguably one of the most influential artists well-known across America. It is flattered that people can change multiple facial contorts, portraying themselves with different personalities, moods, and expressions.

What is the net worth of Damndrose?

You may have heard of the term “IG models.” DamnRose is an IG model from the USA with more than 93k+ followers on Instagram. She specializes in posting pictures and talking about her daily experiences, including hanging out with other IG stars or promoting brands and products.

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