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Alina Gorohova


DOB/Zodiac Age Height Net Worth
22 years 5’5 ft $100k to 500k

A beautiful Russian model named Alina Gorohova has recently made headlines after her racy Instagram photos went viral. Born on May 7, 2000, in Russia, this stunning 22-year-old is still relatively new to the modeling industry, and her success seems to stem from a variety of factors. However, Alina’s fame started to take off once she became an overnight celebrity sensation due to her live viral streams coupled with the fact that she quickly gained more than 1 million followers in a matter of only three months!

Gorohova is a young, gorgeous Russian model and actress who has garnered fame in her native Russia and across her expanding fan base worldwide through social media platforms like Instagram. She is best known for a cute smile and beautiful eyes that have dressed numerous famous covers on well-known magazines worldwide. Alina is a highly talented young girl who studies acting, dance, and modeling and travels widely, sharing valuable information with fans. In addition, she loves dogs and possesses one she takes care of with love. Let’s explore her Wiki, additional information, net worth, boyfriend, husband, etc.

Alina Gorohova

Alina Gorohova Biography:

Beautiful Girl Alina Gorohova Wiki:

Actress Alina is a celebrity who gained fame after using social media to interact with her fans and the public. So if someone wanted to see her latest news and works, they would need only access her social media accounts. Toward the end of this article, we’ve included a list of these active social media handles for your convenience.

Gorohova is not just pretty due to her features alone but also the health and fitness routines she follows diligently. Gorohova’s a great role model for women of all ages, so much so that she’s often cited as one of the primary examples of body shaming being unjust and immoral. Her beautiful look has earned her many different assignments in the modeling industry, and she made several television appearances as a guest on various talk shows. However, these days, she spends most of her time enjoying married life and keeping active with yoga, exercise, and much more! As a wife herself, she knows how important it is to follow certain healthy practices – which only adds more credit to her incredible good looks! So next time you think about letting yourself slip over the edge with your diet or exercising schedule – remember Gorohova!

Alina Gorohova Age, Height, and Body measurements:

The first thing you should know about Alina is that she is 22 years old. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. She came into illuminance when she made a name for herself on many social media networks, Instagram. Gorohova stands at 5 feet 5 inches and weighs only 56Kg (123 lbs), so she’s pretty petite! If we were to give you a more thorough description of her physique, we’d say it appears to be 34-26-33.

Alina Gorohova Career:

Because of her health and fitness tips, Gorohova provides perfect body shape and skin, shiny hair, a slim waistline, and a beautiful look. Alina is one of the fitness freaks Models from the modeling industry. She is a gymnast who started her career at an early age. She believes that being physically fit is key to a healthy lifestyle. In addition, you may know that a diet plan or healthy food is essential for a solid and fit body! Alina is an example of a successful woman in today’s world, and her inspiring work is an inspiration to many. Alina has found success in many aspects of life, including the modeling industry. Her dedication to staying fit and healthy is an accomplishment that can be admired by people, both young and old, around the globe!

Alina Gorohova Family:

Gorohova studied at a Russian school and went on to look at the Russian University of Russia, which is most interesting as she was born in Russia! Mrs. Gorohova’s father’s name is Mr. Gorohova, and her mother’s name is Mrs. Gorohova, an etiquette teacher by profession. However, little is known about Alina family life since she keeps her personal life private.

Alina Gorohova Boyfriend:

Alina hasn’t revealed any information about her relationship status. Still, she has often voiced how thankful she is that her career is going so well at this stage in her life.

Alina GorohovaAlina Gorohova

Alina Gorohova Instagram account:

Gorohova is considered one of the most famous social media superstars today. Her popularity on Instagram has soared with her new posts and Facebook status updates, much to the dismay of many other celebrities who suddenly found themselves without a fan base due to negative comments about their appearance, wealth, and status online. If someone wants to see Alina latest content, they can access any (and all) of her accounts right here.

Alina is a Russian Instagram model and social media star with over 100k followers on Instagram under username @gorohova_alinaa. Russian model Alina posts daily lifestyle, routine selfies, and stories through all forms of social media, connecting with fans for their greatest pleasure. Amongst the hottest international models and rising stars in eastern countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea, Alina is one of the fastest-growing global sensations in the industry today. She’s only 22 but has amassed many thousands of loyal followers due to her commitment to posting updates daily and other tributes like winning campaigns through promotion on her website.

Alina Gorohova Net Worth:

Alina Gorohova is estimated to be worth $100k to 500k in 2022. She has over 73K followers on her social media accounts, and due to her recent ten posts, her post engagement rate is 11.8%, which draws in many brands looking for potential partnerships with Gorohova.# Below are some of the numerous popular items that she collaborated with. Her Instagram content earns approximately $1-10k per sponsored post!

Interesting facts about Alina Gorohova:

  • Alina is a Russian model and an Instagram sensation who spends most of her time modeling, acting, and traveling.
  • Gorohova is a fitness fanatic and makes Reel Videos, lip-syncing videos, including covers of popular songs on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. 
  • Alina has a beautiful, curvy figure, and she does all of this to keep fit and healthy.
  • Gorohova started doing styling from one of the best academies in Moscow – MG Models Academy. 
  • Alina has also worked with reputed brands like Peter Alexeyev and Milliner Abu Tahir Alimkhanov. 
  • Gorohova was featured in many popular magazines and newspapers, including Attitude, as one of the most beautiful women in Russia.
  • Alina has exquisite taste and loves splendor, elegance, beauty.
  • Beautiful girl Gorohova hasn’t revealed any such information about her love life, so it’s safe to say her private affairs are unknown.
  • Alina has a net worth between $100K and $500K, With 100K followers on her social media accounts.

Social Media Platforms/Profiles/Username:

Instagram: gorohova_alinaaalina_gorohova 

Faqs about Alina Gorohova:

Who is Alina Gorohova?

Alina is a Russian Model; she is very famous in this field and has been recognized for her massive popularity across the globe with 100k followers. Even though Alina loves to travel, act, and enjoy her free time with her friends, she always spends time creating gorgeous images on Instagram. She is a highly passionate model who believes that being in front of the camera makes inspiration in so many people worldwide.

What is the net worth of Gorohova?

As of 2022, it is estimated that Alina will have a net worth between $100K -$500K. Her 100k followers on Instagram are proof of her digital influence and popularity with brands. She recently posted ten times, about which 8 received an average of 122 likes and two comments. And she earns $1K – $10K per sponsored post.

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