Alarm Clock v2.9.9 Premium APK Free Download


Free Download Alarm Clock Pro/Premium MOD Version Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets, It is a fully-featured alarm clock with lots of rich features.

Overview of Alarm Clock Premium APK for Android

It is the new form of simplicity with elegantly designed clocks and intelligent algorithm for alarm activations. The app is built around flexible and intelligent algorithm for alarm activations. It auto adjust themselves while the time zone changes and each alarm starts with predefined settings.

If you talk on the phone, alarm is automatically played in a lower tone as not to disturb you. While the alarm runs & someone is calling you, it will auto snooze & start playing the call ringtone. It is designed to free you from annoyance & will obey to all your needs of how you want to be woken up or reminded for the important things in your life.

Apart from minimalistic design, we have also developed this application to use very low system resources. It can be used as an alarm manager, and it can be used as beautiful desk clock as it sits on your charger. The digital modes have one of biggest & easily noticeable digits, so they can be enjoyed in any light settings & from a great viewing distance.

Features of the App

  • 4 types of stylish designer clocks – analog dark, analog light, digital dark, and digital light
  • Unlimited alarms and timers – set them multiple times, one at a time, repeating or recurring, with tunes from your own phone library
  • Flexible and intuitive algorithm for alarm activations
  • Beautiful 2×1 and 4×2 widgets, along with lock screen widgets
  • Presents a lot of customization options to best suit your flavors
  • 3 types of notifications – next alarm, missed alarms, present active alarms
  • One size fits all – our app utilizes unique architecture that equally supports smartphones with the smallest screens up to the largest tablet screens without affecting in any matter the size of the app
  • Intuitive app settings – get an easy access to all options you need
  • Wake up with your favorite music
  • Auto adjustment for alarms while changing time zones
  • Set custom labels for alarms and timers with unrestricted length of the text
  • Utilizes 12 or 24 time format
  • Use automatic auto snooze to preserve your battery life or tune up the snooze time by yourself
  • Specially tailored for both landscape and portrait modes
  • An option to allow and disable the notifications
  • Pretty and lightweight you can use it as a nightstand clock
  • Build from the ground up with native tablet support
  • Offers quality support for Android devices – from Android 1.5 to Android 4.4
  • Optimized for all known screen resolutions


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