Alarm Clock Beyond – Talking Alarm, Radio & Music v4.7.5

Free Download Alarm Clock Beyond – Talking Alarm, Radio & Music Unlocked MOD Version Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a better way to motivate you to wake up.

This is a better way to motivate you to wake up with the spoken time and an optional message to remind you of the day’s essential tasks. All are entirely customizable.

Features of the App

  • Alarms can be one-time, repeated weekly, or a specific date in future
  • Direct Boot Support – alarms are reactivated immediately after reboot before unlocking (API 24+)
  • Many ways to stop alarms to ensure you wake up – math, captcha, shaking, walking, and more
  • Wake to the music of your choice – ringtone, music, song playlist, or online radio
  • Unique alarm music: we’ve included 17 FREE sounds you can use or search your device for a ringtone or song
  • Mayday Mode: like having a backup alarm that ensures you get up by a specific time
  • It transforms your alarm into a LOUD alarm that can only be dismissed – making sure you get up
  • Ok Google: set your alarm/timer via voice with Ok Google
  • Backup: automatic backup and restore
  • Alarm options: dozens of ways to customize your alarm
  • Each alarm has its settings that can be changed without altering other alarms

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