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zkSync Era Mainnet Malfunctioned, Resumes Block Production After 4Hrs


zkSync Era malfunctioned and went down for over 4hrs on Saturday as the Layer-2 blockchain produced no blocks during these hours. Zero-knowledge proof roll-up (zk-Rollup) zkSync Era is one of the main Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solutions compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), with mainnet launched by Matter Labs on March 24.

zkSync Era Down For Over 4 Hours

According to transaction data on zkSync Era Block Explorer, no blocks were produced on the zkSync Era mainnet blockchain since 01:00 UTC on April 1. Several users reported pending transactions on zkSync Era, claiming the blockchain is down.

There was no communication about the issue on the official Twitter handles of zkSync, Matter Labs, and others. zkSync team confirmed that they are aware of the issue with the zkSync Era mainnet and working to bring the network online. The team asked users to avoid initiating transactions now and wait for for mainnet recovery.

After 4hrs of downtime, zkSync Era Block Explorer showed normal block production on the zkSync Era mainnet.

zkSync Era – First zkEVM Mainnet

Matter Labs on March 24 launched the zkSync Era mainnet alpha, becoming the first zkEVM mainnet to go live before competitors rollout their EVM-compatible solution. Polygon launched its zkEVM mainnet beta on March 27.

In addition to enabling faster and cheaper transactions, ZkSync Era supports native account abstraction — improved ERC-4337 account abstraction, LLVM compiler, data compression, and Hyperscalability.

While the zkSync Era is not fully decentralized yet as the team monitors, audits, and evaluates vulnerabilities and risks, the team will soon remove the Alpha label.

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