Yandy Models – Yandy Lingerie Models and Their Instagram

Yandy Models

Yandy Models

Yandy is an online shopping website that deals in sexy apparel only for women.

About Yandy Mission

The mission of Yandy is to empower women to accept their sensuality in its physical, psychological, emotional, and healthful facets. We are going to normalize the dialogue about hot pleasures and sensual experiences of every human body and to establish the role of lingerie in every woman’s personal story.

Unapologetically relish in the cravings of your body & mind. We’re here to guide your journey to exploring every fantasy. When it’s a sensual lingerie night with your partner, a sweat inducing workout while feeling your most confident, lounging in cozy pajamas or grabbing your most reliable everyday bra and panties to rock a fabulous outfit, Yandy’s got you covered.

Intimates to basics. Discover what type of Yandy Girl you are or only want to be today.

Everybody. Own Your Sexy.

Top 10 Yandy Models

Summer Soderstrom

Summer Soderstrom is an American model based in Los Angeles. She is the most hottest Yandy Model who does a photoshoot with Yandy.

Molly McAdam


Molly McAdam is the prettiest Yandy Model who covers all bubblicious character of Yandy. She based in Los Angeles | San Francisco.

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Rumer Noel is the most active Yandy Model. Apart from being a model, she is also a Choreographer and Dancer.

Kate Compton


Kate Compton is the most naughty and bold Yandy Model, who represents the bold outfits of Yandy Collection. She is based in Los Angeles, the United States.

Sarah Loven


Sarah Loven is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous Yandy models who is also fighting against “Child Abuse” with the #SaveOurChildren on Instagram.

Jocelyn Binder


Jocelyn Binder is a famous actress who has done many Hollywood movies known for Never Back Down (2008), Murder in Miami (2014), and Marilyn Manson: Kill4Me (2017).
She is the most popular Yandy Model who is known for Yandy Lingerie Model.

London Ellis

London Ellis aka Gabriella Ellis who is a Singer, Songwriter. Content Creator and Model has worked with Yandy as a model. She is based in Los Angeles.

Andrea Kuoni


Andrea Kuoni is one of the hottest Yandy Models who has also worked with Playboy Magazines. Currently, she is living in Washington D.C., the United States.

Taylor Jevaux

Taylor Jevaux is a Director and Videographer based in Los Angeles and she has also worked as a model for Yandy.

Brennah Black

Brennah Black is an American actress, model, content creator, television host, and social media influencer. She is the most talented and sexiest Yandy Model.

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