Why We Feel Broken Heart?

Why We Feel Broken Heart

Why We Feel Broken Heart

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Whenever we have physical pain such as cut or injury, the anterior cingulate cortex (a part of the brain) is activated. Surprisingly it’s the same region of the brain that’s activated when we feel excluded or experience the loss of a social relationship.

Our body uses physical pain to prevent the risk of getting into danger like we feel the heat when we touch a burning cup of tea, similar we human are bound to live in society. It has become an important part of our survival. And just like we don’t desire to be burned by a hot tea again, we desire not to live alone.

So when we lose someone we never wanted to, it causes a major stress response which can result in depression, anxiety, and loneliness, which altogether can create a perception of physical pain. So definitely you can’t heal it with bandages or cream, so at that time it’s really important to receive social support.

Studies have shown that higher levels of social support and result in a lower level of pain. So if you ever feel broken-hearted, surround yourself with family or friends, you can also connect with us, we are always there for you and if someone is suffering a broken heart, be there for social support.

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