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Why Chevrolet failed in India? Short Explanation

Why Chevrolet failed in India?

General Motor (GM) started to sell its cars under the brand name Chevrolet from the year 2006 in India. India is primarily a small car market and Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai are market leaders, not focusing enough on the hatchback segment was not a good strategy.

The Beat, Cruze, and Tavera were the highest sellers for GM. The bulk of GM sales came from just three products. The Beat looked good when it was launched but then what happened, GM continued to sell it for so many years without any major update. Some say that the company never took to the Indian way, sticking to a global strategy without adapting to local tastes and flavors. Due to the poor distribution network, the sale of new cars was becoming more difficult than ever.

By the year 2016, Chevrolet already had seen a huge slump in sales which lead to various Chevrolet dealerships all around India shut down.

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