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What was The Great Emu War?

What was The Great Emu War

The Emu is popularly but unofficially considered as the national bird of Australia. It was the 1930s, and the world was in an economic depression. Australia was feeling it worse than most countries, and it was about to get worst, because of their unofficial national bird, Emu.

Emu’s usually went home during the season when the world was suffering an economic crisis, but this time they got attracted towards Wheat the farmers were growing and decided to make the situation worst. In a large group, they started eating wheat grown by farmers, so farmers decided to take government help.

For this, they went to the Minister of Defence(Le The Minister of Agriculture*: “Mai kya karu phir job chod du”). And here began the great war against unofficial national bird emu. Not kidding they literally started a war against Emu.

In 1932 Farmers signed an agreement that they will pay for everything and the war began. In the first Round, they open fire on a large group of emus, but the majority of them ran away. Again they tried to kill emus but again emus ran away. Next time they changed their technique, but this time they failed. Emus-3, Army-O.

The operation was called off, but four days later again the farmers approached and asked for help. And again the operation began. This time army learned the techniques and started firing. According to reports this time they were killing more than 300 Emus every week.

After 1000 emus were killed, the operation was ended. The operation was a failure. Later in 1934, 1943, and 1948, local farmers again asked was against emu, but the government denied it. Then they started using fences to keep emus away which I guess they could have done before the ware.

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