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What is money app ? How to avail loan from money loan app

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Like friends, you know that money is needed to complete small and big tasks, there comes a time in life, friends, when we do not have any money and then we think where do we have money. Take it from friends, even if we borrow money from someone, then those people are not able to lend us, due to which we feel ashamed and we cannot even ask for money, then we think about where we can take money, then your life An option comes out in me, then it is related to loan but friends also have a lot of problem in taking a loan like you have to go round the banks but friends now such a generation has come that you have started getting a loan through application also. And the name of the application that I am going to tell you in today’s application is going to be here MONEY VIEW APP friends, this app gives you personal loans and friends also give you other types of loans.



But friends, in the present time, you will find many applications here which give you online loan, but friends, some of the application is not trusted, that is, it is not correct, due to which fraud happens to you, then friends, but today I am I have brought the application for you, it is completely safe and you will not face any problem and you will get the loan wherever you are, that too friends, where you do not have to go to anyone’s bank, you are sitting online at home. This is where the loan will be available, so friends, I am going to tell you in full detail about this application, how you have to take a loan from this application, is this application safe for you or do you get a loan from it or not everything I will tell you that you have to read this post completely from start to end.



is a personal loan application that provides personal loans at 5000 locations across India. works under the rules of the MONEY VIEW APP was launched by Sanjay Aggarwal and Puneet Aggarwal on 20th June 2017 and friends so far this application has been applied for taking loans of more than 1 crore, if friends, we talk on Google Play Store. About this application, so far more than 10 million people have installed it on their mobile and Sajida friends, this application has got a rating of 4.5 from the play store here.
Eligibility for availing of MONEY VIEW Loan


1. To take a loan from the MONEY VIEW APP, first of all, the citizenship of your friends should be of India.
2. Friends, the person applying for the loan must be SALARIED and SELF EMPLOYED and friends, your monthly income should be ₹ 13500 or more, and friends, your income should be received in the bank
3. Friends, to take the loan, your age should be between 21 years to 57 years, if friends talk more, your CIBIL score should be at least 600.

Documents required for availing of MONEY VIEW Loan

I will tell you some documents to take a loan from the MONEY VIEW APP which is very and you will get the loan on these
1. First of all friends, you can use an identity card or aadhar card, or pan card here or you must have this document
2. And friends, if you want, you should also have a residence certificate? Bank statement of last 3 months with salary credit

How much loan will be available from the MONEY VIEW APP?

Friends, I would also like to tell you how much loan you will get from the MONEY VIEW APP, so friends, if we talk about the loan amount here, then how the loan will you get here, then I would like to tell you friends here on behalf of MONEY VIEW APP. When the personal loan is available from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 500000, friends will be a satisfying amount, to complete your pending work and friends, the loan is enough to meet your current need. How long will the loan be available from the MONEY VIEW APP? Friends, on taking a loan from the MONEY VIEW APP, you are given time from 3 months to 5 years, which means that friends, let me tell you in simple language that you will get your loan amount with interest within 3 months to 5 years. To be filled means to pay friends
To take a loan from the MONEY VIEW APP, friends, first of all, what you have to do, here I am going to tell you all the details, okay friends, let me tell you guys what you need while taking a loan and you get the loan I am also going to tell you how to take
1. First of all friends, you have to download and install the MONEY VIEW APP application from your Google Play Store on your phone, now after doing that I will tell you what you have to do next.
2. Now friends, here you open the MONEY VIEW APP as if you open it, after opening it, it will ask for some permission, then you have to give it permission here and friends, after that you have to select your language. After clicking on the Get Started option

key :


script :


3. After this, what you guys have to do here, is create an account with your Gmail id in this application. This was the full process and eligibility requirements which I wanted to tell you you can follow the whole process and make decisions

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