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What if Google Suddenly Disappear? Short Explanation

What if Google Suddenly Disappear

You can predict how GIANT Google has become that we used to discuss what if Sun Disappears one day? What if Moon Disappears one day? What if Earth Disappears one day? And now we are discussing what if Google Disappears one day?

Google provides Gmail, Drive, Maps, Chrome, YouTube, Android, Search, Docs, Assistant, Play Store, and many more. Over 3 billion Google searches per day, over 1 billion YouTube, Maps, Chrome, and Photos users, and over 2 billion Android users. So shutting down Google definitely might not be good news for the World.

In 2013 Google went down for just 5 minutes and what were results, 40% of the internet traffic went down more than 500,000 revenue loss. Not just Google but Companies connected throughout the world with the help of Google will also suffer an unimaginable revenue loss.

We’ll lose our precious data stored in Google drive. No more online classes on Google meet, people using Google might be lost on road. (Paan waale bhaiya will get back his direction batane waali job), no more unboxing video on YouTube and now no matter how loud you say “OK Google”, Google will not respond to you back.

#googleisdown will trend on Twitter, news and social media feed will be full of “Google down” and the saddest part is you won’t be able to Google “What happened to google”, so we’ll try to find a new search engine or I guess we’ll get back to our old search engine Yahoo or Bing.

Shutting down Google was the best news for these companies, they will face enormous Internet traffic which their servers had never seen. But might soon their servers will crash, because they weren’t ready for this. Then our long-forgotten friend will appear “DuckDuckgo”.

DuckDuckgo is one of the best search engines in terms of privacy. Google went down memes will trend on social media (damn, I really want to see those memes), Yahoo and Bing will soon recover their servers and with time people will recover their loss, hope so.

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