Ice T's Wife Coco Reflects on Decision to Bathe Daughter

Coco chose to create an TikTok clip of herself and her six-year-old daughter Chanel who was getting dressed up for the fashion show.

"I was going to the fashion show and they took that one second and made that one little thing bigger than anything else," she said about the video.

The month before this "Ice Loves Coco" star was called a mom-shamed star by many of her Instagram fans after she washed Chanel inside the bathroom sink.

The police officer who was the parent claimed that Chanel was sure enough to bathe. A person believed that Coco treats her child like "an infant."

Ice-T said on Page Six that he's expecting negative reactions on social media however, he's not too caught in it.

"Before she was born I would say, 'You know what? I'm going to build a cage and she's gonna stay in that cage and I'm gonna be one of those parents,'" she added.

I believe that when it comes to social media, when you put your content out there, you need to be prepared for to receive comments.