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Brandy Call 'Dehydration' as Cause of Reported Seizure

TMZ said that paramedics received an email in the afternoon of October. 11 regarding the patient who had an epileptic seizure in the house of the singer. The site said that it was Brandy.

It was reported that the Grammy winner was admitted by a nearby hospital and it's believed she's there.

"It appears she will recover," TMZ stated noting that her parents are in the hospital with Brandy.

It's unclear what caused the medical event or if there are other factors in play, however, Brandy posted on her social media accounts she was suffering from dehydration as well as other issues.

"To my beloved fam, friends, and Starz, thank you for sending love and light my way. I need due to dehydration and low amounts of nutrition," she wrote.

Brandy saw her last time in a formal capacity in July while attending Jenifer Lewis' Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. On the 30th of January, she sang the National Anthem at the NFC