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The Wanderers by Jay Flaherty (The Sphelix Book 2)English | 2020 | Young Adult | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Out at sea with nothing but a vague command to “head west to Notitius,” things look bleak for Leo Belfin and his friends. An entire army chases them, their water supply is running low, and they have no idea what awaits them.But when they do land in the city of Notitius, they’re met with a diversity and energy never seen back home. Music halls, savory food from street vendors, and an upcoming election infuse their lives with excitement and, for the first time in their lives, freedom.Leo and the rest of the Sphelix would be eager to settle into their newfound lives were it not for those they left behind. Are their families still safe in Arcton? Are they themselves safe from the Verdean Guard, whose said to have spies lurking in the shadows of Notitius?Leo soon realizes he must contend with the consequences of his actions – not to mention his newfound powers – and forge his own path in the political and ideological struggle threatening his world.
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