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The Missing Girl by Abby PattersonEnglish | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

They say women can keep only one secret – their own.I check her bathroom, which as usual looks like someone set off a hand grenade at a makeup counter, then I check her bed space, a queen-sized mattress laid out on the floor covered by pretty, pink sheets.Everything looks in place.Just no… Emma.Emma Light has her whole life ahead of her. Beautiful, driven, and successful, she’s the all-American girl next door. Everything comes easy to her – boys, money, opportunities – she has it all. But when Emma doesn’t show up at a local coffee shop for an interview with her life-long best friend and local reporter, Molly Ridgewood, alarm bells began to go off. The interview was supposed to be a fluff piece, a happy promotional write up for Emma, whose rising success was an inspiration to not only Molly, but to women everywhere. She would’ve never missed this interview. Not in a million years. Now it’s Molly’s job to find out why Emma’s gone missing. It won’t be easy. Emma was practically perfect and had no enemies. Yet, the deeper Molly investigates Emma’s disappearance, the darker things become. Behind every door is a crazy conspiracy, every clue a threat filled with imminent danger. With every new, shocking revelation, Molly begins to wonder if the picture-perfect girl she knew since fourth grade ever truly existed at all.

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