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The Forest Witch by Britt Laux (Tales of Unara, Book 1)English |2021| Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

A warrior, her witch, and the spark that ignites a war.Lanira na Caliri never expected to find a human in the North Forest of Unara, let alone a witch. When she discovers Siobhan unconscious by the portal that leads to her world, she soon learns of a prophecy that foretold her coming. A warning that a daughter of Unara will bring destruction upon the realm. The reign of blood will come again unless Lanira can stop it.With the little witch by her side, Lanira embarks on a journey across the clans of Unara to unite the people and save her realm from the Dark Karika’s return at all costs.Even if she must risk losing herself to the mysterious Minra na Goran in the process.

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