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Sinatra: The First Collection by Alan Lee (#1-3)English |2021 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.4 MB

Sinatra, a notorious federal marshal, is drafted into a domestic black ops group. Their mission–arrest the untouchable. Read the first Sinatra collection today!

1. The Supremacy LicenseAn international terrorist slips through the East Coast and takes up residence inside an impregnable mountain chateau–within American borders but beyond legal reach. Her name is El Gato and she’s a top priority for both the DEA and FBI. Sinatra and his team are needed. However, this terrorist holds the key to Sinatra’s past and his future. He and the mysterious El Gato have tangled before…

2. Wild CardThe celebrated governor of Maryland has been compromised at the MGM Casino in National Harbor. His situation is dire, and the implications for the country are brutal. Sinatra and Beck, secret agents for the Joint Federal Investigations Commission, are activated and sent undercover to the high-stakes poker tables. Just how much is Sinatra willing to wager? For America, he’ll risk it all. But for a corrupt governor?

3. Paradise RoyaleThere’s treason brewing in the ranks of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Vital documents are pilfered and the Sinatra team is activated. In pursuit of the thief, Manny and Beck will rampage through paradise and clash with a mysterious foreign agent, a beautiful woman chasing secrets and toying with Manny’s heart. The sparks that fly could set the entire Caribbean on fire. Has Sinatra finally met his match?
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