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The Depraved (A Sarah Roberts Thriller Book 26) by Jonas SaulEnglish | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Jonas Saul is the author of the Sarah Roberts and the Drake Bellamy Series. Jonas lives in Europe with his author wife, Kate Cornwell.

A Toronto homicide detective receives a letter threatening multiple murders are about occur in the most horrific ways. He reaches out to Sarah Roberts for help because the letter states the murders are inspired by Sarah.While the detective and Sarah try to figure out why he received the letter, the first three bodies are discovered.Brutally murdered, with one of the victims tortured in a depraved manner, they learn why that homicide detective was chosen—he knew the victims personally. Not only that, he knows the location the bodies were found—his teenage stomping grounds.Who is going after the detective’s close friends with such malice? Why is Sarah Roberts involved? Before the investigation gets underway, Vivian warns Sarah to be mentally prepared for the horror that comes next.As they search for the killer, they realize it’s too late to save everyone. But perhaps that was the point—some people were meant to die.
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