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Nordic Tales Chronicle: The Complete Collection by Lois Jean (#1-5) English | 2021| Fantasy | ePUB | 1.9 MB

 A gifted mercenary, a dynasty destroyed. Deprived of her clan’s nurturing guidance by a radical cult and driven into the arms of a mercenary brotherhood, only revenge seems to motivate Hilda Odinsdottir’s burgeoning will. Anchored in her convictions by the echoing words of her late father, both Hilda and the Sons of Loki must navigate the increasingly treacherous realm of Askrheim, where everything around them ebbs to oppose their every belief. When a contract with a nefarious Emissary lands Hilda closer to exacting her revenge than she’s ever been, a golden opportunity evolves into an orchestrated betrayal, and the mercenaries are ravaged and left for dead. Battle-scarred and torn, a desperate Hilda must pick up the pieces and risk it all to build a new resistance against a common, growing enemy. But an untold lineage thriving inside Hilda is about to transform her entire world, and neither she nor the lands of Askrheim will ever be the same again.

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