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Narendra Modi – The most stupid Prime Minister in the world?

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The most stupid Prime Minister: In June, the internet was on fire, as it is wont to be about things of great importance when a search for ‘Top 10 criminals in the world’ showed pictures of Narendra Modi along with criminals like Dawood Ibrahim and Al Capone. This particularly disturbed the right-wing leaning denizens of the internet while amusing the Opposition. Things got out of hand and Google ended up apologizing to the Prime Minister.

Something similar happened on Thursday when a search for “World’s Most Stupid Prime Ministers” showed Narendra Modi along with other leaders like David Cameron, Tony Abbot, and even former leaders like Lee Kuan Yew.

The last time around things got completely out of hand as Modi’s fans demanded that Google remove the pictures and apologize. When the controversy broke last time Google said: “These results trouble us and are not reflective of the opinions of Google. Sometimes, the way images are described on the internet can yield surprising results to specific queries. We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding this has caused. We’re continually working to improve our algorithms to prevent unexpected results like this.”

Google said that the results to the query “Top 10 Criminals in India” was due to a British daily that had an image of Modi and erroneous metadata. According to Google, the image search results were drawn from multiple news articles with images of Modi and his statements with regard to politicians with a criminal background.

Because the words, ‘Modi‘ and ‘Criminal‘ occurred so closely it led to that particular image turning up. Similarly, the words ‘Prime Minister’ and ‘stupid’ led to an article on Reuters titled Why work with India’s new leader? It’s the economy, stupid. The presence of the word ‘stupid’ in the headline along with an article on why the US should care more about India is the reason we see PM Modi’s picture in the search results.

A first information report (FIR) has been registered against Google in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh for an alleged search result in which Narendra Modi was shown as the world’s most stupid prime minister.

Police filed a case under the Information Technology Act against the Internet giant and its director in Shahjahanpur on the complaint of a leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, or World Hindu Council.

Police superintendent Kamal Kishore told Anadolu Agency that “RK Awasthi made a complaint against Google and its director and, after investigation, it was found true so we registered a case”.

In 2015, Google was forced to apologize after images of Modi appeared in an image search of the “Top 10 criminals in India”.

“Google has insulted our prime minister,” Awasthi told Anadolu Agency. “A person who has been devoting 18 hours every day for the sake of our country can never be a stupid prime minister. I, along with other members, decided to lodge a complaint against derogatory search results”.

Google in India did not respond to Anadolu Agency’s request for comment.

The petition was signed to remove Most Stupid Prime Minister tag from Narendra Modi –

Google Lists Narendra Modi Among The ‘Most Stupid Prime Ministers Of The World’ – Report by many big news websites.

Google does it again! After listing Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the ‘Top 10 criminals of the world’ list, Google now lists him in yet another embarrassing list. A quick Google search for the most stupid prime ministers in the world!

But, Google has now done another blunder by listing PM Modi under the category of the ”most stupid Prime Ministers in the world”.

The search ‘India’s most stupid Prime Minister’ on Google, also shows PM Narendra Modi in results, who became PM with a huge majority and is considered as India’s most powerful leader since Indira Gandhi.

What is this Google?? you are saying that World’s most intelligent politician is stupid ??

Remember he is Prime minister of 1/6th population of this world. Do you know that?? By this most ridiculous search result, you are hurting the feelings of more than 1,327,153,209 (1.32 billion) people.

I would like to request you to immediately remove this stupidity from your website and search engine.

This type of behaviour of any website is not at all acceptable at any cost.

Please check your buggy algorithm and correct it which shows this type of fake result. You guys should think about it twice before showing such a type of search result on your website.

You know very well the nature and tolerance power of Indians, Why you want changes in Indian Government policies like China did with lots of enforced filtering on your website??

Please act and correct yourself for this and for future results also.

One More Thing – Google has also ranked Narendra Modi for “Feku of India

There are a lot of negative made-up names against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi which Google has already ranked on top of its list.

Reason behind this?

the main reason behind this is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means an SEO expert can rank their articles on Google on particular keywords and the rest depends on Google algorithm. For Example: if someone has written an article over the internet on Narendra Modi focusing on the “Stupid Prime Minister” keyword, he or she can easily rank by many factors doing SEO.

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So, at last, Google has no responsibilities on this, any blogger or writer can easily rank their article very easily on any keyword which doesn’t have any competition.

I will show you some trending negative tags on which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ranked that should be removed from Google.

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These are all the negative keywords on which reputed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ranked and should be removed from Google.

Disclaimer: This article is published for information not for any kind of hate. If you don’t like the article please contact us for the removal.

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