Stretch Marks or Cellulite – It’s Beautiful

Stretch Marks or Cellulite

Stretch Marks or Cellulite

This goes out to all the people who struggle to accept their stretch marks or cellulite as a permanent addition to their bodies. ⁣

This goes out to all the people who think they aren’t worthy of love because they don’t look like the people in the magazines.⁣

To all the people who cry sometimes, they see themselves in the mirror. To all those who doubt their worth because of their size. To those who are afraid to show too much skin because theirs is not flawless. To those who used to love summer but hate it now, fearing to be judged by others. ⁣

You may not be flawless like the photoshop magazine covers. Your legs might be shorter and your thighs bigger.⁣
Your skin might be covered in purple stripes and small bumps. But that does not make you any less perfect. you live, you laugh, you grow, you move and you change. So does your body. There is nothing wrong with you, just because you don’t look a certain way! ⁣

You are beautiful because you are you! ⁣
You deserve love! You deserve respect and you deserve happiness! ⁣
Trying to love yourself is hard. And you will struggle a lot to achieve it. But each and everyone is fighting that fight. ⁣
You are not alone. ⁣
Just keep fighting 🌻

SOURCE TheMerakiProject

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