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Sonia Isaza Biography, measurements, age, height, plastic surgery


Who is Sonia Isaza?

Sonia Isaza was born on 24 September 1988, in Pereira, Colombia, and is a social networking personality in addition to a fitness model, best known for gaining a huge amount of popularity on the social media website Instagram, showcasing her well-developed body. She’s also posted videos and photos of her exercising at the gym.

Posted by Sonia Isaza on Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Net Worth of Sonia Isaza

How rich is Sonia Isaza? As of mid-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $300,000, earned through a successful career in the fitness industry. Her online popularity has led her to numerous opportunities including competitions and sponsorships. As she continues her jobs, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Sonia Isaza Body Measurements

Bust Size 33″
Waist Size 24″
Butt Size 35″

Sonia Isaza Bra Size 38C

Sonia Isaza Early Life and Fitness Beginnings

Sonia Isaza

Sonia grew up in Pereira, a town in Colombia situated in the foothills of the Andes. She grew up with a tendency towards an active lifestyle but did not really consider becoming a gym enthusiast, satisfied with her life up to her teenagers. Her early visits to the gym did not yield a good deal of results because she lacked the appropriate understanding of nutrition and training, so she hired a trainer and then begun to see results. She was motivated to go farther, and in 2006 determined that she would become a competitive bodybuilder. However, there were not a lot of opportunities available near home so she decided to move into the US, settling in California.

Sonia Isaza Online Fame

Through time, Isaza would acquire qualification into more prestigious competitions, and she became a part of the Arnold Strongman Classic that is an annual contest featuring strength athletes from all around the world. As its name describes, it was made by Arnold Schwarzenegger and is usually held in a variety of locations around the world. She spent some time in Australia and was encouraged by others to attempt to discuss her progress online. This led her to create an account on Instagram, a movement that would become critical towards her present career path.

Instagram is among the most popular social networking services on the planet has started in 2010. Since its inception, the agency has quickly gained popularity and contains more than a billion registered users while over 500 million knowingly utilize the site on a daily basis. Users can upload photos and videos for their service that is then displayed to their account. They can edit the content that they have through filters or arrange them via the use of tags and place details.

Sonia Isaza Recent Endeavors

Isaza continues to focus on her Instagram accounts with routine uploads and has managed to gain over 2.7 million followers. She posts a whole lot of personal photographs and videos of her training in the gym. Her popularity eventually attracted numerous companies who began contacting her to perform modeling work. She frequently appears in their promotional videos as well as in some of their events, together with other fitness models working for the company including Angel Rodriguez, Lorena Hernandez, Louisa Polo, and Mafe Achury.

She is also trained together with the gym named MMA Mafia Academy, which is notorious for offering classes on various kinds of sports and training. She has done boxing classes together, even though they also provide Muay Thai, Functional Weightlifting, and jiu-jitsu training. She has also done modeling work featuring fitness outfits and clothes. The business is also famous for featuring other prominent exercise personalities, largely based in Colombia.

Sonia Isaza Personal Life and Social Media

For her private life, it’s understood that Isaza is in a relationship with professional football player Arturo Vidal — both have been together since 2018. Their relationship became public in January 2019 when they posted photos of these together on holiday. He’s famous for his work with the Spanish club Barcelona as a midfielder and has also played for the national team.

According to her, she loves working out her abs and it is that part of her body that really helped her rise up to the spotlight. She also enjoys building her legs using Smith Machine squats.

Similar to numerous fitness personalities, bodybuilders, and fitness models, she remains active online, often posting on Instagram several times a week. She also has an account on the website Twitter, which has over 2,400 followers, however, she is yet to post anything on that account. Another account she has is on Facebook, with over 132, 000 followers, however, it hasn’t been active since 2018, last posting several photos and videos showcasing her body. She has also posted a few photos with friends on her account.

Sonia Isaza Instagram

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