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Solar Master – PV Calculator v2.3.2 APK Download

Free Download Solar Master – PV Calculator AdFree MOD Version Unlocked APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a calculator app for the requirements of solar system components.

This is a calculator application for the requirements of solar system components such as the number of solar panels and batteries required, the size of the inverter/UPS and the controller charger, and also how to connect the solar panels and batteries in series and parallel depending on the voltage of the system/inverter.

It calculates the requirements of solar energy systems accurately with multiple options available to the user.

Features of the App

  • Calculate the requirements of the solar system
  • Solar radiation and cumulative production of panels
  • Orientation and tilt of the solar panels
  • Connecting solar panels and batteries in series and parallel
  • Calculate the consumption of the device
  • Calculation of wire gauge AWG, mm², and SWG & voltage drop
  • Calculation of voltage losses
  • Converting between units of electricity

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