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Why Shinchan was Banned in India in 2008

Why Sinchan was Banned in India in 2008

Why Shinchan was Banned in India in 2008: Shinchan is still one of my favorite cartoons but there are many jokes in Shinchan which you couldn’t understand when you were a kid, but now you know what they meant or what they were trying to convey. Shinchan wasn’t meant for young children but it is still famous among them.

If we take a look from the parents’ perspective, or to be more precise Indian parent’s perspective, I guess no parents can accept their child flirting with the opposite gender, but that’s what was shown in Shinchan, a young kid flirting with girls.

And not just flirting, there were many scenes that I guess no Indian parents will want their children to see. One more thing, they never dubbed Shinchan with the real meaning of his dialogue because he used bad language and flirt with girls who were not even of his age.

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