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Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love Is Never Easy


You shouldn’t feel like you’re weak because you’re having so much trouble walking away from someone who hurt you. Saying goodbye to someone you love is never easy, even if that person is toxic. Even if that person clearly has no room in your world anymore. Even if you know the best thing for yourself is to leave them in the past.

You have to stop lying to yourself about how fighting for your relationship is the right thing to do when you know, deep down, that it’s time to leave. It’s time to put yourself first for a change. It’s time to prioritize your sanity over your heart.

Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is the right thing to do. Sometimes, the person who claims they love you more than anyone is the person who is hurting you worse than anyone. Sometimes, you have to walk away from someone even though you wish things could’ve ended some other way, any other way.

Fail – Your Failure Was a Learning Experience & Door To Success

It’s sad to say goodbye, even to someone toxic, so don’t let your hesitation trick you into believing you’re making the wrong decision.

Leaving is hard. Staying away is even harder. But you cannot allow your heartache or your guilt or your loneliness to convince you to lower your standards. You cannot allow yourself to walk back into the arms of someone who has hurt you, even if they’re begging for a second chance, even if they’re swearing they aren’t going to repeat the same mistakes again. You have to stay strong. You have to stay stubborn. You have to stay away from them.

Walking away from someone you love, even someone toxic, is never easy. But it is worth it in the end.

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