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Red Ridge Pack Series by Skye Alder (1-3)English | 2021|  Romance | ePUB | 1.8 MB

Cameron Hart & Shaw Hart are a duo of romance authors who teamed up to write under the pseudonym, Skye Alder. They share a love of comedy TV shows, matcha tea, and trying their very best to do yoga.

1. Possessed By The Alpha – Empath: A person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.That’s what I am. I can feel emotions and so when I turn eighteen and start to feel this strong pull, I grab my best friend, hop in the car and follow it. It leads me deep into the forest to him.Gunner Harding.The alpha of the Red Ridge Pack and my mate.I had no idea that shifters even existed but I can’t deny the strong connection that I feel to him.With pack members who are less than welcoming and an old threat that resurfaces, will Gunner and I be able to find our happily ever after?

2. Romanced by The Beta – Malin is the Beta of the Red Ridge Pack and he takes his job of helping to protect the pack very seriously. When Camden and Bea come to town, he has his doubts about the two outsiders.Then Bea falls for Gunner and he’s stuck babysitting Camden so that the two lovebirds can get to know each other better.When Camden turns eighteen and Malin finds out that she’s his mate, he expects things to go as smoothly as they did for Gunner and Bea. Too bad for him, Camden wants nothing to do with him.Camden just escaped one psycho man only to wind up with one who can’t seem to stop growling things at her. She thinks Malin is a total jerk and is doing her best to ignore him. That is hard to do in this small town when he was ignoring her too, but now that he’s decided that they’re mates, it’s almost impossible.Malin wants his mate but Camden isn’t giving in that easily.

3. Outfoxing My Mates – When Drake and Emmet get dragged along on their companies annual hunting trip, they’re dreading it. They’ve never been ones to hurt animals and hunting foxes seems like a cruel way to spend their free time.When they head back to their cabin, they’re shocked to find a little fox curled up on the bed, but they’re even more surprised when the fox transforms into the most beautiful woman that they’ve ever seen.They both want her, but they’ve always had a pact to never let a woman come between them so they agree to not pursue her. Neither can deny the connection they feel with her though.Lexi has always had a bad habit of doing things that she’s not supposed to. When a scent catches her off guard, she follows it to a little cabin nestled in the woods. She only means to lay down for a minute but when she wakes she finds not one but two men standing over her.Her mates.Will Drake and Emmet give in to the bond they both share with Lexi? Or will their clever mate slip away before they can claim her?
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