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Mar Anne Almosa aka Pandorakaaki | Bio, Instagram, Body Measurement


Mar Anne Almosa: Pandorakaaki aka Pandora Kaaki (born Mar-Anne Almosa) is a Filipino Instagram model, YouTuber, and social media influencer who has garnered millions of followers online thanks to her bubbly personality.

Quick Facts

Full NameMar-Anne Almosa
Date of BirthJuly 29, 1998
Place of BirthPhilipines
Height4 ft 11 inches (151cm)
Weight97lbs (44kg)
Bra Size38D/40D
Eye color:Brown
Social Media:Instagram, YouTube, FacebookWebsite

She was born on July 29, 1998. Her mom is Filipino and her dad is Lebanese and she was born and raised in the Philippines

She started posting on Facebook in 2016 and on Instagram in 2018 and quickly amassed a huge following thanks to her provocative pictures. In October of 2019, she started a YouTube channel where she posts videos of her travels, videos of her trying on clothes, and videos that lets her fan base get to know her better.

Pandorakaaki Instagram


Although she doesn’t have a Patreon or Only Fans, she does have her own website where you can subscribe for $9.95/month and get access to ‘exclusive content’ and a ‘private chat’.

Some of her fans posted online that while her website claims to offer content that is ‘way too sexy for Instagram’, they were disappointed to see that Pandorakaaki does not post nude photos.

Her private stuff is a complete waste of time, the descriptions sound amazing but trust me, it’s a complete con!

Others fans have complained about ‘locked videos’

She will pm you locked videos you have to pay 35 to 50 dollars for. I don’t know if there nudes or what. IMO she will not show nudes for the cost of the subscription.

Fans have also been scammed on Twitter by people posting as Pandorakaaki and offering nudes in exchange for money.

PayPal Pandora scam for $75! Anyone else fallen victim to this? Some people on twitter acting like Pandora said if I send them $75 I will get nudes and then disappeared.

Pandorakaaki Body Measurement

Pandorakaaki Bust Size: 36B
Pandorakaaki Waist Size: 30
Pandorakaaki Butt Size: 34

Bra Size 38DD

Pandorakaaki Bra Size

In a YouTube video that she posted with her childhood friends in which they played the ‘Who Knows Me Better’ game, Pandorakaaki divulged quite a bit of revealing information about herself.

When asked if she spits or swallows, she answered that she ‘spits’. When asked about her bra size, she answered that she usually doesn’t wear a bra, however her bikini cup size is 38D or 40D.

When asked if she was sexually attracted to women, her friends answered ‘yes’.

When asked if she had plastic surgery done to her face, she replied no.

It’s is unclear if she has had breast implants or not.

Misc Information

  • When Pandorakaaki is not working on her social media, she can be found at her favorite beach Siargao or working on her artwork.
  • She learned English from watching copious amounts of Hollywood movies.
  • The food that she says she can’t live without is Durian. And the food that she hates is Sushi.
  • The trait that she most looks for in a man, is for him to be a gentleman and someone who knows how to treat a woman properly.
  • Her celebrity crush is Keanu Reeves, who she often posts about in her Instagram stories.
  • She has visited Dubai on a few occasions and has posted about her travels on Instagram.
  • The advice that she lives by is to stay positive amongst all the negative, do things that make you feel alive, and be with people who make you feel alive.


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