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Nothing Phone 1 Full Review

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Riding high on the success of the ear (1), the new firm has revealed that its upcoming “Phone (1)” will be powered by snapdragon 778g+ processor and will run on Android based “Nothing OS”. The new device will also feature a dual camera set up with a unique LED set up at the back called the “Glyph interface.”Reports suggest that Phone (1) will sport a 6.55″ Amoled display with 120 hz refresh rate and an in-display fingerprint scanner, a 50 MP primary camera, 16 MP ultrawide, front camera sensors. The leaks also suggest that the Phone (1) will feature fast wireless and reverse charging with a 4,500 mAh battery. The reports claim that this hyped device will be launching in three variants; 8GB RAM + 128 GB storage, 8GB RAM + 256 GB storage and 12 GB RAM + 256 GB storage.The phone is likely to be sold at a competitive price of Rs. 29,000 for the base variant and it will be available for sale exclusively on Flipkart.The pre-order passes, which were made available by Flipkart for early purchase of the mobile phone, were sold out like hotcakes. Those who have purchased the pre-order passes can buy the phone by July 18.The Nothing Phone 1 launched with a lot of hype this week, but what exactly is it? Should you buy one? And, does it rival Apple’s iPhone? I’ve been trying out the new phone and have found plenty to like, from its flashing LED “glyph” to its affordable price.

My full thoughts on the phone are now in our Nothing Phone 1 review, but here I’ll put together an all-around explainer about what Nothing and this phone actually are. While a lack of US availability at launch is disappointing, this phone is an interesting midrange model for those of you wanting a unique alternative to Apple, Samsung or Google phones. Here, then, is what you need to know about this first phone from the tech startup Nothing, including its price, when you can buy it and, crucially, whether it’s actually any good.

You can also check out how the Nothing Phone 1 compares to the Pixel 6 and iPhone 13.Its design is where it really stands out. The back has a clear cover that exposes the internals and makes it feel like you’re looking into the heart of the phone. You can see where different pieces connect, you can see exposed screw heads and the only branding is the subtle Nothing logo and the little red dot, which is the signature of the brand. But it gets better.

Some of those pieces seen beneath the cover are actually LEDs that light up in what Nothing calls a “glyph” when you get incoming notifications. This is arguably something of a novelty, but it’s definitely quite a fun quirk of this phone. How much does the Nothing Phone 1 cost?One of the most exciting things about this phone is its affordable price. It costs £399 in the UK. This puts it firmly in the lower-midrange price bracket, which to be honest came as a surprise when I first heard it. The specs seem really solid. And with such a focus on design, I expected a price of maybe a hundred more pounds. So you are getting a decent-performing phone for a good price. On paper, at least. • Starts at £399 / €469 / AU$749• Officially on sale from July 21• US release to be confirmed.

Nothing unveiled the Phone 1 on July 12, 2022, and the handset formally went on sale on July 21, across the UK, Europe, India, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. Ahead of launch, the company had already confirmed a US release will follow at a later date, but couldn’t specify when (it’s speculated that modifications are needed for the Phone 1 to properly leverage the region’s 5G infrastructure).

As for pricing, the Nothing Phone 1 is available in three RAM/storage variants: 8GB / 128GB, 8GB / 256GB, and 12GB / 256GB; priced at £399 / €469 / AU$749, £449 / €499 / AU$799 and £499 / €549 / AU$899, respectively. Those UK prices convert to roughly $475, $530, and $590 in the US.Nothing phone 1 design Lightweight for its size but a little cumbersome Eye-catching transparent-backed design Premium fit and finish w/ tactile buttons IP53-certified against dust and water

Although we were able to study the Phone 1’s design in Nothing’s official press imagery ahead of its launch, getting hands on the device is unquestionably a richer experience.As you turn the phone in your hand, the shifting specular highlights and shadows that appear over and under the layers of differently-textured components, screws and ribbon cables beneath the Phone 1’s back glass make it a far more interesting rectangle of electronics to look at than most other phones on the market; not to mention it has Teenage Engineering’s (a trendy Swedish consumer electronics company, who collaborate with Nothing on its industrial design) fingerprints all over it.Speaking of fingerprints, even with a completely clear Gorilla Glass 5 back, the Phone 1 does a decent job of repelling them, and when you do spot smudges, they buff out easily enough.

Buyers who spring for an official Phone 1 case might appreciate its clarity out-of-the-box (the case is also, not surprisingly, transparent); however, expect prints to adhere to it far more readily, and require more elbow grease to buff out, than on the phone itself.

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