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Some Unknown Interesting Facts About MONEY HEIST

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When MONEY HEIST was first released in Spain the viewership dropped after the second season. The creators and cast lost hope for the third part. Until Netflix came in and saved the show! After Netflix, the show became the most-watched show for a non-English language and soon became one of the most-watched shows on Netflix.

The show was originally supposed to be called DESACHUCIADOS which translates in Spanish to be “Hopeless“. later it was changed to La Casa De Papel which translates to “The House of Money” and not Money Heist. La Casa De Papel referring to the robberies made from places where the money is printed.

Netflix’s arrival changed everything. The first two seasons the team never even left Madrid to shoot. But after it came on Netflix, suddenly it was private islands, Thai Buddhist temples, military helicopters, and money showered all over a city. Glad that happened!

Jesus Colmenar, director, and producer of the show said that when Money Heist creator, Alex Pina walked into the room wearing a shirt which said “Tokyo”. Jesus thought it would be perfect for the main character. 15 minutes later, all the other characters were named after cities like Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, etc.

Money Heist reinvented the song “Bella Ciao” which translates to “goodbye beautiful” in a completely different way, this 75-year-old historical song was a symbol of freedom for many. Actress Najma Nimri says that the show would be nothing without its red overalls, Dali mask, and of course Bella ciao.

This thriller robbery show inspired real-life robberies in Europe and North America. Robbers were wearing the Dali masks and singing the Bella ciao song while making million-dollar robberies.

Actor Darko Peric (Helsinki) in an interview shared his response to “what was the most difficult scene to shoot?” he said, “the most disgusting was kissing Arturo”, well we didn’t get to see that because it was edited out of the show.

The gold bars were made from foam. When the underwater scene was shot, all of them crushed under the pressure of water. What were to be gold bars were now raisins. The vfx had to touch up over thousand gold bars!

We all came to love the strong, fearless and motivational NAIROBI in the show. But did you know Nairobi wasn’t included in the earlier stages of the script? She was only added when Alex Pina called up Alba Flores [Nairobi) and asked her if she liked the role. That’s how Nairobi was born. We could possibly not imagine the show without her.

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