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Is 5G Testing is Harmful to Humans? ~Professor David Nutt


The 5g testing scheme risks breaching the EU Directive on Harmful Substances (MHV) as it is likely to result in people suffering from the adverse effects of nicotine more than normal.

According to Professor David Nutt, in his response to the consultation on the test procedures, the current testing protocol is inappropriate for these situations.

He explains, “We should acknowledge the risk to the health of people who use tobacco. When nicotine is taken into the body it may cause a range of unwanted effects, including damage to the brain and blood vessels, a number of mental disorders, as well as a number of physical diseases.”

Professor Nutt thinks that harm reduction through reducing the dose of nicotine and reducing smoking in normal circumstances is more likely to reduce harmful effects than harmful effects through testing.

Disposing of these substances safely
Health risks of nicotine replacement therapy

To assess the potential negative effects of the new testing procedures, researchers compared the health effects of tobacco use and the effects of smoking tobacco with the health effects of nicotine replacement therapy.

The study investigated the short-term health effects on various health markers of nicotine, tobacco smoke, cigarette withdrawal symptoms, and long-term effects of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

The research revealed that long-term NRT does not have negative effects on the lungs or the heart or have harmful effects on other organs. The study also showed that tobacco-related health harms may result from nicotine but these will occur in less than a year from smoking.

To assess the adverse effects of 5g testing for the 5g replacement drug, researchers studied the health effects of nicotine and tobacco smoke. The results revealed that the negative health effects of smoking tobacco result from harmful substances that are harmful in their own right.

Therefore, it is harmful to test the toxicity of cigarettes and other harmful substances because they have already caused a harmful effect on people. In the case of nicotine, it appears that there is also potential harm from using the 5g replacement therapy as some people are prescribed it as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

There is no room for tolerance

Professor Nutt concludes, “These tests are likely to have harmful effects for nicotine users. It is therefore not a tolerant or safe test.”

Clinical psychologist Dr. Yvonne Buckley, from the National Council for Smoking Prevention and Youth Wellbeing, agrees:
“The testing that is being proposed doesn’t include many of the behavioral, mental health, and physical health risks. Nicotine replacement therapy that is beneficial to most nicotine users involves a bit of experimentation but there is a range of harmful consequences that must be taken into account.

We have an opportunity to develop a tobacco-free population and we need to test these new tobacco substitutes appropriately. When people are harmed, we need to stop them from using them and find better ways to reduce their harms.”

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