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Imminent Threat by Jeff GunhusEnglish | 2020 | Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

A family of spies. A network of killers. A treacherous, planned attack on the world’s most powerful leaders—and the final countdown to Armageddon . . .Jacobslav Scarvan is supposed to be dead. Once a ruthless assassin for the KGB, he went too far when he burned a family alive

for the sheer pleasure of it—and became a target himself. Both the CIA and Russian intelligence wanted him eliminated. CIA agent Scott Roberts was the man to do it. Three bullets should have been enough to kill Scarvan. But it only forced the rogue agent deeper underground—to places that will forever haunt him . . .Twenty years later Scott and his daughter Mara are working for the US president, using their joint experience to form an elite Alpha Team of highly skilled operatives. Their mission is to hunt down and destroy the apocalyptic shadow organization known as Omega. But when they learn that Scarvan is still alive—plotting revenge after undergoing a twisted radicalization that makes him more dangerous than ever—Scott and Mara must race across the globe to prevent an epic disaster. This time, when the clock runs out, the end times begin . . .
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