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How To Improve Alexa Ranking of a Website – 2021 | Pro Tips

How to improve alexa ranking

Improve Alexa Ranking of a Website: Have you ever checked your Alexa Ranking? if you have a website, then you must be knowing about Alexa ranking. Knowing about your Alexa ranking is very important as it will tell you about website performance compared to other websites in the same genre or comparing to similar websites.

Today, I am going to tell you about how to improve your Alexa Ranking of a Website.

You can check the Alexa ranking of my website by just clicking here and you will notice that is ranking on 1,630,214 (24.05.2020that is very low according to Alexa ranking but the reason I am showing you my Alexa ranking is that I have just started this blog and it’s being 70 days and published 60 articles and still according to my content this ranking is brilliant. In other words, many bloggers start their Blogs but did not concentrate on their content and fail to improve Alexa ranking on their website.

If I talk about my friend, he also started Blogging at the same time I started, but his website is ranking on 11,874,117 which is very bad according to Alexa ranking.

So, Today I am going to tell you how you can improve your Alexa ranking for your website.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is the product of Amazon that calculates the ranking of websites according to their performance and to check where it is standing in the world of the Internet.

Now the question arises on how Alexa calculates the ranking of a website? So, the answer to your website how much traffic you are getting and what kind of content you are posting on your website. Each content has a different genre and each genre has a ranking. For example, if you are writing content on mobiles, software, etc, then your website will be ranked under the Technology genre, So,

in the case of a website, the daily number of traffic visitors and page views decides the Alexa ranking on websites that means More traffic = increase in Alexa ranking

The important part of Alexa ranking is to provide more extra value to search for traffic that reaches from a website which means, when visitors having Alexa toolbar installed on their browser and visits your site, your website ranking will boost up automatically as according to Alexa algorithm person have opened your website having Alexa toolbar in his browser will give a message to Alexa that this website has good content and the user is opening and spending time on this website.

Very Important Points to Improve Alexa Ranking of a Website:

1. Write Quality Content

 Do you know if you are a blogger then what is the most important tip to enhance your Alexa ranking? The answer is to write and create UNIQUE Articles. Your article or post should be unique which means don’t copy the content from other websites as Google has become very smart, it detects the duplicate content within seconds.

To boost your Alexa ranking you should write non-duplicate content and after that submit to search engines by using search engines webmaster. You can read about How to Write a Blog Post From Start to Finish to learn how you can write a unique article and submit to search engines.

Remember One Thing:

Unique Content + Submission = Search Engine Ranking (Improved) == Alexa Ranking Improved

The search engine loves the unique content of any websites and their submissions as well and if your content is unique then search engine ranking will improve & if search engine ranking improves then ultimately a website’s Alexa ranking will be improved. All things are interconnected which ultimately affects your website Alexa ranking in the end.

2 Install Alexa Toolbar

It is the most trustworthy way to grow your Alexa ranking because all your visits to your websites will be reflected in your rank. This toolbar includes a search engine entry box, search analytics, Wayback machine, gives you similar websites, calculates your website speed, and information about the current Alexa ranking.

Alexa toolbar is a must for every blogger as it gives you almost every sub-tool in just one click.

  •  Alexa Traffic Rank checks how popular a website is.
  • Related Links help to find sites that are similar to the site you are visiting.
  • Wayback shows how a site looked in the past.
  • Search Analytics help finds out which queries drive traffic to a site.
  • Website Speed Calculator gives tells your website average loading speed. 

3 Work with Relevant Keywords that Generate Traffic to your Site

To enhance your site ranking on Alexa you need to work with targeted, relevant, and traffic fetching keywords as it is highly recommended to go for keywords research before writing an article or post. For writing a unique article and to develop a traffic generating website, you have to do proper keyword research before promoting your website as there are many free tools which you can use for keyword research like Google Keyword Planner and Ubbersuggest. These two are the best free tool which you can use in finding the right keywords for your content.

If you will work with a relevant keyword then your website will start to generate organic traffic and ultimately it will increase the Alexa ranking of your website.

So, First, recognize your Blog Niche, then do Keyword research according to your niche and start writing content by targeting the right keyword in your content.

MUST-READ Rank Number 1 on Google Using 7 Free SEO Tools

4 Content Posting

The most profitable and important part is to post quality content so that you will get more and more organic traffic that will help you to improve your Alexa ranking. Without content, Alexa will not bother to rank your website and you will be lost in the world of the Internet. So it is very important to write useful content for the readers and as well as for the search engines, then only your content will be ranked and if your content will be ranked on search engines then Alexa ranking will be enhanced.

5 Social Networking

Social Networking website in 2020-2021 enhances everything including website traffic, right audience, and content quality. Social Media platforms help to increase page authority and help to index the post faster. Do you know? People also do blogging to gain social media traffic as many people spent most of the time on Social media platform, that’s why bloggers share their content on all good social media platform. Your Content should have these two qualities:

  • Delicious – Trending topic according to your audience’s taste.
  • Newsvine – Informative content.

So I will suggest to you, if you have spare time then you should do it and there are many ways to automate your content sharing if you are using WordPress.

6 Submit Websites or Blog to Search Engine and Directories

You have two options when your website goes live that you can wait until the search engine bot makes its way over to your site to crawl it, or you can ping it to speed up the process. According to the survey most people wait it out, but it’s not in your best interest as sooner the search engines find your new site, the faster they can rank it, which means it won’t take long for you to see traffic.

For Example, After getting your content ready for publishing on your website, you must have to submit your website to search engines. There are many search engines like Google Search Engines, Yandex and Bing, if you submit your website to these search engines through the webmaster, then your content will start to rank on these search engines. Without submitting your website on search engines your content will not have the existence in the world of the Internet.

If you are blogging through WordPress then you just have to install the Yoast SEO Plugin, and the rest will be automatically done.

After submitting your website to search engines, you should try to submit your website/blog to the free directories that generate traffic for free in a couple of months for your websites.

I will mention some Sites or Directories to Submit Your Site:

These are some top directories to submit your website/blog to generate traffic which will ultimately improve your Alexa ranking.

For ranking your website on top, the most important thing is to produce more and more quality backlinks is extremely suggested by experts as Quality backlinks assist the search engine to clearly define your site’s authority and quality that will boost your site’s Alexa ranking.

Here, good backlinks mean = Do-Follow backlinks.

Dofollow links (increasing) = PR (increasing)

PR (increasing) = The Website is capable enough for sponsorship, affiliate marketing, etc.

8 Analysis your Site to Ignore Ranking Affecting Errors

To boost your Alexa ranking you should check your website accuracy that all your running web pages are accessible or not. If your pages are accessible and have zero errors then it will boost your ranking. If your pages have errors then Google will downgrade your website as Google search engine deeply scan the websites for the error. A website with zero errors also helps to increase Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA).

To analyze your website, you can use the Alexa SEO Audit Tool. Find out the serious errors with the help of this tool and fix it to boost your Alexa Ranking.

9. Increase Search Traffic on Your Website

Website traffic will be improved if you index your website on search engines and your website is ranking on the first page of google. To improve the ranking of your website you can refer How To Rank Number 1 on Google Using 7 Free SEO Tools

Non-SEO Tips

  • Consistent Blogging
  • Encourage visitors to share your site
  • Guest blogging
  • Directory listing of your website

SEO Tips 

  • Use proper keywords. Use keywords in each of your web page title, description, the domain name which is known as on-page SEO
  • Use ALT tags in images and links
  • Use proper Anchor tags
  • Use strategic keywords in the meta title
  • Do a proper on-site and off-site optimization
  • Good backlinks that can really boost your site at high rank in search engines. Uses do-follow links mostly
  • Get paid traffic with the help of Google Ad words or Microsoft Ad Centre which will ultimately improve your Alexa ranking

10. Most Important Tips at the End

I am sharing this point on my exprience as I will highly recommend you install Alexa toolbar in all your browser and share your content everywhere including on all social media platforms. You have keep a check of your website ranking by opening Alexa toolbar in all your browser every week.


Boost your Alexa ranking helps you to keep a check on your website popularity as the more popular will be your website, the more flatter will be your Alexa ranking. Better the Alexa positioning, the more the site is prominent and More the site is mainstream, high the guest activity, which brings about more support in Alexa positioning.

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