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How to Become a Lawyer – Explained

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There is a dream in someone’s life to become a big man by reading and writing and to brighten some name in life, some people want to become an engineer in life, some want to become a doctor and many people have a dream to become a professional lawyer. For this he studies well as well as works hard. Getting the title of professional lawyer is considered very valuable in this crime world.

How to become a lawyer in Hindi – Becoming a lawyer is not a big deal, but it is important to become a best and capable advocate. Every year many people start the study of advocacy and only a few lawyers are able to do a better advocate, so before how to become an advocate, you need to know what is LLB, what are the benefits of doing it and to do it what qualification is needed

What is LLB?: The full form of LLB is Legum Baccalaureus which is a Latin word, it has Legum plural, hence “LL” is used in the short form. Legum Baccalaureus means Bachelor of Laws in English. This is a bachelor degree which you can do after passing graduation, if you want to know more about Indian law and you want to make your career in law then this is a good option. In LLB, you are taught about law very well. After studying LLB, you become a lawyer, after that you can also become a judge in the court or you can also go to any other field.

There are two types of law courses: one is a 5-year course called BA.LLB and the other is a 3-year course called LLB. If you want to study law directly after passing 12th, then for this you have to do BA.LLB of 5 years from any law college but if you choose 3 years course then you have to do graduation for that only. You can do 3 years LLB course.

Eligibility for Law: To study law, you must have some qualification only then you can study law.

If you want to do BA.LLB which is after 12th then you should have passed 12th with at least 50% marks.

And if you want to do LLB which is after graduation then you should be graduate in any stream with 45% marks.

There is no clearance from BCI regarding the age limit for doing law but according to the BCI meeting held in 2017 the maximum age can be 22 years for doing BA.LLB and maximum 35 years for doing LLB.

To do LLB and BA.LLB from some law colleges, one has to pass the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), whose form is also filled online and the exams are also online like CCC.

The age of general candidates for CLAT exam can be up to 20 years and for SC/ST up to 22 years.

How to become an advocate?: Now you have learned what is LLB course and what should be the qualification to do it, now let’s talk about what is the process of becoming an advocate.

 1. Complete class 12th: To study advocacy, first you have to complete schooling till 12th, you can study any subject whether it is arts, commerce or science subject if you study arts. So you will get more benefit because in this subject you are also told about the law to some extent.

 2. Give entrance exam for admission in law college: As soon as you pass the 12th exam and you want to study law, then for this you have to give an entrance exam. CLAT exam is very popular in India at All India level. Whose full name is Common Law Admission Test, after giving this exam, you can take admission in any law college. In this you are asked questions about English, Logical Reasoning, Legal Aptitude, Maths and General Awareness.

3. After studying law, do internship now: As we all know that after studying anything, it is very important for us to do internship for his practical knowledge, in the same way after completing law school, you have to do internship During this internship, you are taught everything about the court, how the court hearing is done, how to do drafting and how two lawyers advocate on the same Vakalatnama, etc., so you need to do internship.

4. Enrollment from State Bar Council: After doing internship, now you have to enroll yourself by going to any State Bar Council. You have to clear, which is conducted by the Bar Council of India, only after clearing it you get a certificate of practice, after which you can practice anywhere in India, in this way you become an advocate and because of this. After that you can continue your practice or you can do your further studies i.e. LLM i.e. Master in Law course.

Better and new careers in the profession of advocacy: After doing law course, you can become a judge apart from becoming a criminal and civil lawyer, but apart from this there are other fields in which you can go, let’s talk about them now.

1.Environmental Lawyer: Environment law talks about protecting those things from destruction, which we have received from nature. Many times Public Interest Litigation (PIL) is filed in these cases, for which there is a demand for experts in environmental law. Apart from this, there is also a demand for such people in such NGOs.

Struggling with issues related to environment.

2.Cyber ​​Lawyer: At this time, cases related to online and cyber crime are also coming to the fore in the country. This especially includes sending fake and threatening e-mails, cheating companies, software theft, SMS hacking, mobile cloning etc. In view of all this, more attention is being paid to computer and network security. You also have a golden opportunity to become a computer and digital forensic expert.

3.Patent and Copyright Lawyer: A patent is an arrangement under which a monopoly is given to the product resulting from any new invention. If a third party wants to make that product, then it has to get a license for it and has to pay royalty on it. Intellectual property has emerged as a special field of business competition. There is a lot of demand for professionals related to this in India too.

4. Labor Lawyer: Labor law has been made for the rights of the employees and to solve their problems. These days the problems related to this field are in number in the court. You can make a better career in this too

5. International Lawyer: International law means international law. Under this, the problems arising between the national interests of different nations are resolved by law. If you have good English and have an interest in international events, then this field is suitable for you.

6.Corporate Lawyer: It is their special job to solve tax problems and other types of problems during different types of industry businesses. There is a great demand for such experts in the corporate field.

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