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He’s The Goal by Faith M TroyerEnglish | 2021|  Romance | ePUB | 2.0 MB

 Vada Finley is many things: Young. Determined. Full of sass. Definitely not a control freak with a touch of OCD when it comes to maintaining the home she shares with her older brother. That is, until her brother takes an extended business trip and invites his best friend to live in his room while he’s gone.Enter Maxwell Vahn, a hockey playing man-whore with only two ambitions in life: to stop goals on the ice and score off it. He’s a wild card, a free spirit, and an STD waiting to happen, caught in a downward spiral. Without a doubt, he’s the last person Vada wants in her home, or her life!At least, that’s what she thinks…But Max is something else. The more they get to know one another, the harder it is for Vada to keep her distance; and the less inclined Max is to stay away. He’s used to playing games, but this time he’s ready to get serious; right up until a former flame sets everything on fire.


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