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FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation v29.01 APK Download


Free Download FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation Unlimited MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a complete navigation app for pilots.

Pilots design this app for pilots. It simplifies flight preparation and improves situation awareness during flight. It provides information on airspaces, reporting points, position on moving map, elevation, frequencies, railway, weather info facilitate access to airfields related PDF documents.

Features of the App

  • Creating and modifying routes using “drag and drop,” “rubber band.”
  • Getting warnings, alarms, and radio info before entering controlled or special use airspaces, approaching points
  • Performing route planning, evaluating distance, time, and fuel consumption
  • Displaying route, bearing, trace on moving map
  • Visualizing airspace
  • Getting dynamic terrain map
  • STRATUS support
  • Creating and exporting Flight Plan
  • Creating and exporting Flight log
  • Creating, importing, or exporting routes, waypoints, RWY, airspace
  • Recording the flight and playing it back with Google Earth
  • Sunset / Sunrise
  • Getting weather forecast along the route
  • Rainfall radar
  • Wind displaying
  • Calculating the distance between 2 points on the map
  • VACs
  • Notepad


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