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Festival Felony (A Traveling Town Mystery, Book 9) by Ami DianeEnglish |2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.5 MB

Ami grew up in the Pacific Northwest where her love of books was fed during the rainy season–so, most of the year. She enjoys drinking coffee, running, perusing books at Good Will, learning languages, and reading (naturally).

The race is on in a battle of brain and brawn for the ultimate prize—until the competition turns deadly.Time for Keystone’s annual festival—only it hasn’t been so annual in recent years. The highlight of the festivities? The Keystone Treasure Hunt. In a town with gladiator-style potlucks, it isn’t surprising that the quirky residents are just as competitive about treasure seeking.Teams race from location to location across the village, battling wits and weapons, to reach the prize. Each clue is a riddle or puzzle related to Keystone Village’s past. It requires some serious analytical skills—along with the ability to withstand a stink bomb or two. And Ella, Wink, and Flo are in the thick of it.However, the fun comes to a grinding halt when they come across a skeleton. They think it’s a woman who vanished thirty years ago near the very same spot, and her death doesn’t appear to be an accident. When Sheriff Chapman suspends the treasure hunt, Ella finds out a friend and fellow competitor is being questioned about the death.Past mistakes come to light, mistakes someone is trying hard to keep hidden.But that’s the thing about secrets—they don’t stay buried.

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