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Feminist Therapy – The Real Meaning

Feminist therapy

Feminist therapy is a kind of combinative approach to Therapies and mental health problems. It mainly focuses on gender and challenges faced by a women.when a woman faces discrimination, rejections, behavioral biases, standardization, abuse, and another factor that threatens a women’s mental health.

It is a healing relationship between a client and a doctor. It is a type of connection that is between a client and therapist.

The therapist dusty is that he wants his client comfortable and helps them to come out of their situation.

It focuses on social, cultural, and political causes that face a woman. It helps women to build their strength and their willpower and help them to face the world.

This process started in the late 19690s by a woman helps another woman. This therapy evolved to include couples, families, and teenagers, and people of all ages. It helps a lot to those who are ignored and neglected by society like people of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, poor people, immigrants, refugees, and handicapped. It helps those persons also who are sexually abused, who are facing issues from society for being fat and dark etc.

It can be done in a private, group, and between the community as well.

There are clinics also and LGBTQ community organizations and NGOs as well.


In feminist therapy, the main motive of the therapist is that clients can explore their identity, their strength, and make them emotionally strong and make them feel powerful in society.

Also for more efforts to the clients, the therapist uses militant training and tools and techniques such as drama, role-playing to help clients to find and make their own identity. It helps them to appreciate their identity and behave freely rather than satisfying cultural and societal expectations. It can be caused to anyone like parents who face this problem in their kids when they struggling with their gender or color, height anything. To make clients comfortable, therapists try to tell their own stories and challenges so they can relate better.

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This therapy helps not only personal even in political nature as well. It concentrates on variety, gender equality, sexism. It works for both individual and political change. It helps those who feel neglected by society. The client gets to know about their ability, strengths, power, and skills. Feminist therapy depends on that the people are affected and struggled by society and they must look for the positivity and view themselves as an individual.


A therapist has a valid license for psychotherapy or other mental health degrees. A person who knows theory and principles very well. A therapist is one who knows very to handle society, discrimination, and other social things. A therapist has to know that especially women, face other’s perspectives and where others set their standards. The main important scenario is that you have to select a person for whom you are feeling comfortable sharing your views and your problems and a therapist must have to respect your views.

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