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Fail – Your Failure Was a Learning Experience & Door To Success


When you fail, it’s not easy to put yourself out there again. It’s not easy to brush off what happened to you and start back at square one. But you have to remind yourself, you’re not really starting back at the beginning. Your failure was a learning experience. It gave you tools you’ll need moving forward. You’re better off now than you were then. You know more. You’ve grown more.

You have to remember failure doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve made a mistake. It doesn’t mean that you are on the wrong path and are better off giving up. Sometimes, you’ll fail because of bad timing. Sometimes, you’ll fail because luck wasn’t on your side. And sometimes you’ll fail because you weren’t ready to succeed yet.

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Everyone is going to fail at some point — and you aren’t the exception. You’re going to fail, too. But you can either use your failure to learn more about yourself, to figure out how to do better next time, to grow as a person. Or you can give up and refuse to see your own potential.

Remember, success isn’t the first step in reaching your wildest dreams. It’s the last step.

Credit: hollyyrio

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