EarthQuake PRO v16.1.0 APK Free Download

Free Download EarthQuake PRO 16 MOD Version Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets, it can monitor the earthquakes all over the world.

Overview of EarthQuake PRO 16 APK for Android

This app can monitor the earthquakes all over the world.

Features of the app

  • Interactive globe view;
  • View updated list of earthquakes around the world;
  • View an event based on the date and keyword;
  • View the list of closest cites to the epicenter (available for some events on USGS provider);
  • View the tectonic plates;
  • View the precision of the epicenter calculation;
  • Get alerts for the earthquakes (location, distance and magnitude customizable);
  • Get alerts for the tsunamis;
  • Use the device as a seismograph;
  • View the stats of the last events and monitoring in real time (charts order personalizable);
  • Report that you felt it;
  • Comment and share your experience with other users;
  • Does not contain advertising;

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