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Why Drinking Pure Water can be Dangerous? Explained

Why Drinking Pure Water can be Dangerous_

Water is a universal solvent that can dissolve several minerals and other substances in it. When water already contains some minerals and salts, the ability of water to dissolve more substances becomes less. But when it’s 100% pure which means only consists of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

There is a large space for other substances to get dissolved in water. Pure water will drain out the important minerals from the body which ultimately a loss for the body. Although you may not die but will lose certain minerals which can be harmful.

drinking pure water can be dangerous

So the one who wrote the above meme, I guess he/she was a genius. Definitely, Something is wrong with the water. Just kidding don’t take my last slides seriously else I am not responsible for the consequences, except that follow for more and like one, that’s important. So with that note like comment and share this article now.

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