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Dream League Soccer 19 Game

So friends today I will tell you about dream league Soccer 2019 game which is the best game you will ever see on android and other devices among the football games and this game is the best according to its size and graphics and other features as it has a variety of features loaded in it in just 350 MB which you would not get in any other football game and this game is developed by first touch soccer company I would tell you everything about the game and the features of the game and also about the company of the game so let’s start

About dream league Soccer 2019 game developers

friends dream league Soccer 2019 is the 2019 version of the dream league gamethe latest 2021 version is launched by the company and you can get that from the Google Play Store this dream league Soccer game is created by first touch games company which is a popular company among football games and many other games this company are professional developers of game as they have made many other heat games also and their dream league Soccer game have crossed more than 100 million + downloads on the Google Play Store and it is very popular among all users around the globe and the first touch games would improve the game more and would bring new updates and we have trust in them that they would make the game more interesting in the future.

click here to download DLS 19 profile dat file


About dream league Soccer game

dream league Soccer 2019 as a variety of features in itthe game size is 350 MB only and the game is compatible with all devices 1GB RAM 2GB RAM and more than that all device support this game and it is available in all countries around the globe as per my view this is the best football game on Android because its size is very good it’s not less and not more and the features are fully loaded so we can say that the game is very much interesting and you would experience that things in this game they are given below

  1. Different Stadiums: you won’t get many different stadiums in the game and all types of stadiums are available the horizontal design vertical design and the different crowd type stands are available
  2. Auction Market: you would get an auction market in the game from where you can get players by using the coins and things in the game and you can get your dream player from that by purchasing and earning coins in the game
  3. Graphics: the graphics of the game are very brilliant as you would see all the real faces of player and as the player looks in real life it will look in the game also so you will get like playing really in the game
  4. Online multiplayer: you can play online multiplayer in the game by going to the online match and you would get open and all around the globe and you would compete with them with your dream team and he would compete with you with his dream team so it would be interesting nice to watch
  5. Different leagues and tournaments: friends now I tell you about the leagues and tournaments that are there in the game you would get different leagues and tournaments like UEFA champions league, la Liga Bundesliga and many other leagues after you cross different levels in the game and you reach a the good height you would compete with the best player in the real world in the game and it would be interesting to watch and after winning the match you would also get the trophy and this scene would be shown in the game so it would be very interesting to watch the celebration of the players and also the intense match

so friends this was all about the dream league Soccer 2019 game I hope you would like the game and after seeing this all features I would tell and recommend you to download this game for sure if you are a real fan of football gaming as you would experience good graphics and controls in the game

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